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Sunday, November 20th, 2016

(Our Official Crystal Skull World Day Video Overview from 2014 – Please Watch to Understand this Day!)

WHAT IF every crystal skull guardian in the world focused on sending a healing energy to Mother Earth and all life for just twenty five minutes (or so) on one special day? Would you join in? And if so,  what do you think might happen to our world? We, the Crystal Skull Hearts Council (CSHC), are a group of crystal skull guardians who have come together in joy and love in response to the above questions. Formed via the Facebook group now called Crystal Skull World Day, we have created a unique event that we have called (by the same name)  – CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY – to unite the world in peace and harmony. The Council is comprised of sixteen members of different backgrounds and from various countries of the world, each of whom has volunteered their time to coordinate this special day. As the Family’s governing body, we will always speak as one voice to reflect the unified consciousness of the Creator, which the crystal skulls embody and to which we each aspire. 




We joyfully invite all crystal skull guardians and crystal keepers across the globe to link up with us for the next ceremony/meditation we will once again hold on Sunday, November 20th, 2016 at four designated times (see below). Each participant will join in this ceremony while holding one of their crystal skulls or crystals to send out a loving, healing energy to the planet. This could be done alone, or in a group, perhaps at a sacred site or in nature. If you don’t have access to a crystal skull, you can hold a special piece of crystal instead while focusing on an image of a crystal skull. This event will celebrate the healing and peaceful energies contained within all the crystal skulls that exist in the world, whether newly carved, old or ancient; in public view or hidden.



We believe with all of our heart and soul that, through uniting in peace and harmony, that this second edition of CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY will greatly benefit all of humanity. The geometric power of so many guardians, further amplified by their personal skull, will produce strong spiritual and healing energies, uplifting our world into a higher vibrational state and assisting the ascension of our world into the prophesised time of total peace. While this may sound implausible to some, we truly believe that there is inherent within every person an inner divine energy which could achieve such a goal. To be part of a fifteen or perhaps twenty minute ceremony/meditiation – what do we have to lose?



Linkup Time #1:
11 PM NYC (EST, Saturday, Nov. 19th); 4 AM London, UK (GMT); 3 PM Sydney, Australia

Linkup Time #2
: 8 AM NYC (EST); 1 PM London, UK (GMT); Midnight (12 AM) Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)

Linkup Time #3
: 1 PM NYC (EST); 6 PM London, UK (GMT); 5 AM Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)

Linkup Time #4
6 PM NYC (EST); 11 PM London, UK (GMT); 10 AM Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)


With the large number of people who supported and participated in CSWD 2014 and CSWD 2015, along with the many powerful experiences that many had that were reported to the Council, we are now making preparations for Crystal Skull World Day for this year, 2016.  The form that the meditation/ceremony that will take place for CSWD 2016 will be the same guided meditation as we did in 2015 which was about 25-30 minutes. In addition we are having some special drumming be added to be played before the meditation and after with a special indigenous prayer shared after the first drumming.  We will be preparing an audio file (in an mp3 format) that will make it easy to listen to via any electronic device you choose and will guide you how to perfrom the new meditation.  Later in the year we will post a new menu entitled: WHAT TO DO ON CSWD 2016, which will describing simply how to do the meditation, will hear a transcription of the words that will be spoken during the meditation and access to a chart that will show your local time to prepare for this meditation.  Also eventually on this page will be a link to the audio file we are making for the meditation to perform on CSWD 2016 (as well as our download page), which you will be able to listen to this mp3 file either through this website or you can download this audio file and play it through your favorite device (mp3 player, computer, tablet, mobile phone, DVD player, gaming device.)


Other Key Pages to consult for Crystal Skull World Day

Crystal Skull Public Gatherings (when we know about gatherings they will be posted to a page)
— This page we will create will show the latest list of public gatherings happening around the world to celebrate CSWD – last year we had gatherings take place in the U.S., Mexico, England, Scotland, Belgium, Australia and in China. (If you plan to organize a gathering and wanted to be added to this forthcoming page contact us by email at: ).

CSWD Download Files (click here) – not ready yet
— On this page you will find digital files to either help let others know about CSWD (our CSWD 2016 Logo to link to this website, a PDF document which we will eventually have prepared that will explain what CSWD 2016 is in various languages), the various language audio files which contain the full meditation (eventually) that we will perform on Crystal Skull World Day 2016.

CSWD Co-Sponsors (click here) — showing the co-sponsors for CSWD 2015 which will be updated for CSWD 2016
— who are some of the individuals and groups who are actively dedicated to promote Crystal Skull World Day

CSWD Crystal Skull Teachers/Guardians (click here) — show the individuals who supported CSWD 2015, will be updated later ..
— Individual Crystal Skull Teachers/Guardians who believe in Crystal Skull World Day and why they feels this day is very important.


To stay in touch with our plans for this next event, as there are always new developments (special offers by co-sponsors that will make donations for our event, when the audios will be ready, special gatherings happening on CSWD 2016 in your area perhaps, etc…), you may want to periodically check in with this website, our facebook group and facebook page or join our free newsletter. Again we have decided as explained above, to hold CSWD 2016 on Sunday, November 20th and as we did last year will have four diffferent time linkups with people in the far east (Australia, China, New Zealand, etc …) doing the first time period.  However, if you really enjoyed the 2015 version of CSWD and would like to help the Council create the next version of this special day, please feel free to contact us by email and lets talk about it. As CSWD 2014 and CSWD 2015 were done on a totally volunteer basis and was a co-creation by all of us, help is always welcome as well as suggestions and feedback, contact us by email at:



You can be an active participant in CSWD 2016 in any of three ways:

a) You can help to support our organising team, the Crystal Skull Hearts Council, as a volunteer or assistant, with our various projects to help with the creation of the day;

b) help us to share information about this day with your other friends or extended spiritual family who are also crystal skull guardians or caretakers;

c) participate in the 25-30 minute link-up ceremony/meditation with our Crystal Skull World Family at one of the designated times shown aboveWhat we will be doing during this link-up ceremony/meditation is to listen to a guided meditation via an audio file (mp3 format).

Note: In 2014, most people watched a special meditation video that contained a wonderful music with beautiful images from nature and the cosmos with some spoken inspiration (in various lanaguages).  Just below is a link to the videos which even though we won’t be use these videos for CSWD 2016, they still are powerful and could be used for your personal meditations with your crystal skulls.  If you go to our menu, entitled: WHAT TO DO ON CSWD 2015, done in English (will links on this page to other languages) you can see how we setup CSWD 2015 and what you will expect to see for CSWD 2016 which will be similar.


The videos shown below were used to guide us for CSWD 2014 and were quite powerful.  To read more about How to perform the Meditation with this video, listed below are the information pages in the various languages that provide these details plus on these pages are a link to the videos shown via Youtube.  Also on our download page is a direct link to the videos as well.









More information about CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY 2016 can be found on this website beginning at this home page:  

Or you can join our Facebook group Crystal Skull World Day:

Please share this information with your crystal skull guardian friends and make it a memorable event for those taking part, and a memorable day for raising the energies of love, compassion, hope and healing for all.  


Download our PDF documents:  Below, is our information document in various language which shares all the key information and ideas about Crystal Skull World Day 2016. We are in the process of preparing the new information files (all as a PDF document) for CSWD 2016. If the 2016 version has not been done yet, you will see in red, the year (2015) next to the language below. There are not many changes to how we will conduct CSWD 2016 from last year, so even the 2015 version of the document still explains what CSWD is about and who is the Crystal Skull Hearts Council. If you know of people who might like to join us for CSWD 2016, you can easily share this version with others by attaching the document to an email or even offer the document as a download on your website. Choose the language that is appropriate for you and click the corresponding Download button (we thank you so much for helping us to get the word out about Crystal Skull World Day 2016!!):

-> English : Invalid download ID.
-> Dutch (Nederlands) : Download (2015)
-> French (Français) : Download (2015)
-> German (Deutsch) : Download (2015)
-> Hungarian (Magyar) : Invalid download ID.
-> Italian (Italiano) : Invalid download ID.
-> Portuguese (Português) :  Download (2015)
-> Spanish (Español) : Download (2015)
 -> Chinese (中国的) : Download (2015)


As we requested the last two years (with so many people who joined us on that special day which was November 22nd each time), the Crystal Skull Hearts Council would like to ask for your help, if you have the time and agree and remember what happened to you for CSWD 2015; ,for the purpose of documenting what on this day if you can share your experiences. If you will take any digital photographs of what took place during your meditation or you had some profound or special person experiences on CSWD 2015, could you please send to us, via email such materials and stories? There is already on this website, quite a few new pages that share what happened to the participants on CSWD 2014. The stories and photos for CSWD 2015 will be added in the near future.  It is easier for us if you can send your photos and reports to us via email at:

If you decide to send to us your photos and reports we would like to request you just include your first name with an initial for your last name plus the area you participated during the meditation (example: John P. from Hamburg, Germany). We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support of this day which we called CSWD 2015.

Being part of this special day for the Crystal Skulls starts NOW with your intention to join us, as the energies of our intention will grow and expand with each day as we move towards this event later year and the collective energies we have generated in the two years before, and we will do for this year will continue long after CSWD is over.

Be part of this wondrous event and shine your light for the benefit of all mankind.



The Crystal Skull Hearts Council

on behalf of CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY 2016



Facebook group: