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What is Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD)?

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Who is the Crystal Skull Hearts Council (CSHC)?

Crystal Skull Hearts Council LogoWe, the members of the Crystal Skull Hearts Council are a group of sixteen crystal skull guardians who have come together to create a special event in November this year called CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY 2016 for the sole purpose of connecting crystal skull guardians all over the world. This is a non-profit initiative for which we are all volunteering our time. In addition to the work of the Council, we are being assisted by an advisor who has many years of experience working with crystal skulls, as well as a graphic designer who has kindly donated one of his exclusive designs to the project.

The principles which govern our group and have led us to come together to foster the emergence of this special event are as follows:

1) That the original purpose for the crystal skulls being gifted to humanity many eons ago (even before the time of the existence of the lost continent known as Lemuria or Mu) was to provide for humanity a tool for spiritual enhancement that would not only be a storehouse of universal knowledge and wisdom, but would assist humanity in their spiritual evolution and the realisation that every person on this world is a child of Creator, and thus, part of the family of humanity, with each person being unique and special in their own right, and with each person equal to the other;

2) That no one crystal skull (defined as any gemstone found on Earth which has been fashioned by some means, known or unknown presently, into the shape of a human bone skull or approximation, an animal shape, or even the shape of a being who may not be known to be a resident of Earth) is greater or lesser than another; and that no one crystal skull is more important than another, each crystal skull having a unique energy and service which it offers to his/her guardian and to this world no matter when the crystal skull was created or manufactured, whether it be recently or hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago, since in the true reality there is no time, past, present or future. This also applies to those crystal skulls that have been gifted to humanity as an apported object, their having come from another dimension or having been created via the mind of a sentient being or entity who exists in another dimension (that is, beyond the third dimension of Earth), and has seemingly arrived from nowhere and made manifest in this Earthly reality;

3) That no one crystal skull guardian is more important or less important than any other. Just as within the consciousness of the crystal skull family where each skull honors and respects and loves its brother and sister crystal skull equally, our Crystal Skull World Family group also treasures and honours every single human crystal skull guardian on this planet equally, as indeed, each and every human, whatever their role in this time of great transformation.

Further, we believe that Crystal Skull World Day 2016, set to be held on 20 of November, 2016 will be of tremendous benefit to all of humanity as we share a loving and healing energy amplified by the crystal skulls with which each participant will work on this day. Furthermore, we expect that, from a spiritual and energetic perspective, a great good will result from our coming together on this day that will uplift our world and assist humanity in making a transition into the prophesised time of total peace, moving our world into a higher vibrational state.

We, the members of the Crystal Skull Hearts Council, are functioning as a team and have agreed to be identified by the name of this council and not as the individuals who comprise the council. Therefore, in order that others see that our actions and motivation are coming from a neutral space, we will speak in one voice when dealing with the public and the individuals who join us. In this unity, we stand as a reflection of the unified consciousness of the Creator, of which the crystal skulls themselves are an exquisite manifestation. Our hope is that this event will foster further fellowship within the global family of crystal skull guardians, making it a true co-creation, and bringing unity, harmony and peace to all participants around the world; our collective light shining brighter as a result. Whereupon Crystal Skull World Day being a whole success in 2014 & 2015, we intend to continue to work for another such day of celebrating with the crystal skulls in this year (2016) and far beyond.


Download our PDF document that shares all the key information about the Crystal Skull World Day which you can easily share with friends and people interested in the crystal skulls. If the download shows (2015) to the right, then this version was used for CSWD 2015 but still has current information, and if not, the information contained in this PDF document is from 2014, still contains the key ideas about Crystal Skull World Day. Choose the language and click corresponding Download button:

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If you would like to know more about Crystal Skull World Day 2016, or about the Council, or you have some questions for us or even suggestions how to expand the activities of this day (which are always welcome), please feel free to contact us at the addresses listed below.

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The Crystal Skull Hearts Council

on behalf of CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY 2016


Email: info@crystalskullworldday.com

Website:  www.crystalskullworldday.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CrystalSkullWorldDay/