Personal Experiences & Stories from CSWD2014

Dear Crystal Skull World Family,

On this Posting Page for Crystal Skull World Day, we welcome your comments, your stories and any sharing of your personal experiences that took place during the linkup and meditations held for CSWD 2014 on November 22nd or 23rd, 2014.

We believe that it is important to share about the type of activities and what happened to participants on this special day so for those individuals who did not participate, they can see what happened to other members of our Crystal Skull Family. Especially for those individuals who have an interest or connection with the crystal skulls but either didn’t hear about Crystal Skull World Day or just had other plans at this time, to know what took place.

To add your story and insights from CSWD 2014 to this page as a comment (or post), either click on the link above “Leave a comment” -or- click on the “Read More” button near the bottom of this page itself and then when the page reforms, type in your response at, “Leave a Reply”.  Really, if you had something special happen to you on CSWD 2014, we know there would be quite a few people who would be interested to read about it.

We will also have another menu option on this website entitled Crystal Skull World Reports where people are sharing their photos from crystal skull world day, also sharing their stories and even offering a  video.

Thank you for your interest, peace, light and love

The Crystal Skull Hearts Council


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