The Co-Creation of Crystal Skull World Day
(List of Acknowledgements)

The Crystal Skull Hearts Council acknowledges the following individuals for their help in the creation of Crystal Skull World Day. Without the help of all of these special individuals, it would not have been possible to have this amazing day take place!! Thank  you so much!!

Crystal Skull Healing Circle Grid

Co-Sponsors of Crystal Skull World

(this means these groups and individuals were sending out information to their list to discuss CSWD and help us get the world out)

Rising Lotus (Nicole Lahousse); International Crystal Skull Network;
Alasenmat Healing Centre (Liz Hamilton & Patrick McDonald);
Ancient Crystal Beings (Mario Bojórquez); Crystal Moon (Karen Titon);
Crystal Team (Lindsay Ball); Crystal Annie’s (Ann & Phil Delong);
Sounds of Sirius (Lia Scallon); Diving Me (Shirley Sienna);
Crystal Zaba (Maya Massar); Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua & Katrina);
Mustang: Himalayan Skull (Nicholas Pearson)

Sage Magazine (Shayne & Tanya, Australia, offered radio show with J. Shapiro on Soul Traveller
and published article in their magazine, click here to read)

silent co-sponsor: (Millennium Products for Personal Power,Inc.)

Crystal Skull Guardian/Teachers in Support of CSWD

Bill Homann (“Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”, U.S.)
Jose Federico Munoz (“Kame Cimi Skully”, U.S.)
Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack (“Goldie”, U.S.)
Liz Hamilton (numerous skulls in her center in Australia)
Mario Bojórquez (“Kano and Hwaneetah”, U.S.)
Gabor Nagyistvan (numerous skulls in Hungary)
Juanita Visser (numerous skulls in England)
Bella Reed (numerous skulls in England)
Nicole Lahousse (numerous skulls in the U.S.)
Dr. Philip and Anne Delong (numerous skulls in the U.S.)
Karen Tritton (numerous skulls in England)
Laurie Nielson (numerous skulls in the U.S.)
Shirley Sienna (numerous skulls in Australia)
Lia Scallon (“Master Skull Solar”, others in Australia)
Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head, skulls in U.S.)
Maya Masser (“Zaba”, U.S.)
Carlos Rivera (numerous skulls in the U.S.)
Nicholas Pearson (“Mustang”, U.S.)

Sage Magazine (Shayne & Tanya, Australia, offered radio show with J. Shapiro on Soul Traveller
and published article in their magazine, click here to read)


Crystal Skull World Day Website

Webdesigners: Elias Balomenos, Ankit Jain

Helpers: Carlos Rivera, Crystal Skull Explorers, Joani Jiannine

Financial Support: members of the Crystal Skull Council

Artwork and Logo: Gene Fleury


Translation of Documents / Web Pages

Dutch (Odette van Kempen)
Chinese (Leon working David Weillian carvers in China)
Spanish (Jose Federico Munoz, Denice Rivera, Nicholas Pearson)
Portuguese (Rute Ingles, Luciana White Wolf Thunder)
Italian (Daria Dani)
French (Carole Tridon)
Hungarian (Gabor Nagyistvan, daugher of Terez Farkas, Mariann Urbanhippie Nora Mezei)
German (Sandra Büchi, Josef Udiljak)


Video for Crystal Skull World Day (official)

The Voices
English: Ara Livingston, Lindsay Ball, Katrina Head, Carlos Rivera
Chinese: Irene (from David Weillian carvers in China)
Portugues: Jose Pedro Fernandes & Rute Ingles Cutelo
Dutch: Odette van Kempen & Kees Kromschee
German: Sandra Büchi & Jan Ackermann
Hungarian: Nagyistván Gábor & Kata Gaspar
Spanish: Jose Federico Munoz & Denise Rivera
Italian: Daria Dani & Cristiano Coggiola

Production of official Crystal Skull World Day

Producers: Crystal Skull Hearts Council, Marc Wasserman

Photo Selection: Odette van Kempen, ShirleySienna, Joshua Shapiro

Music: Lia Scallon, George Bolger

Graphic Images: Gene Fluery, Leanne M. Williams

Photo Contributions

Sandra Büchi / Elmo Cornelis / Shirley Coventry
Crystal Skull Explorers (Katrina Head & Joshua Shapiro)
Ann & Phil Delong / Gary Fishman / Liz Hamitlon / Lynn Hastler
Joani Jiannine / Odette van Kempen / Linda Myers / Al Ramirez (dec.)
Carlos Rivera / Karen Tritton / Krystina Valentine / Juanita Visser
Video Uploads and Storage

Crystal Skull Hearts Council, Crystal Skull Explorers


Trial Video Creation

Producer: Marc Wasserman, Crystal Skull Hearts Council

Music: George Bolger

Photos: Katrina Head & Odette van Kempen


Pre Crystal Skull World Day 2014 Video

Producer: Crystal Skull Explorers

Creation of Video: Social Media Blitz


Alasenmat Healing Centre / Phil and Ann Delong / Gary Fishman
Angel Fleury / Katrina Head / Joshua Shapiro / Juanita Visser
thanks to Al Ramirez and Bill Homann


Mayan Prayer

Jose Federico Munoz
(And to all of our Crystal Skull World Family members who will be participating in Crystal Skull World Day and have helped to share information about this special day with friends and extended spiritual family. When we work together in total cooperation and sharing our talents, skills and resources there is nothing that we can not manifest in our world as we are only limited to our imaginations!!)