Crystal Skull World Day 2016 Gatherings
November 20th, 2016

(On this page are the scheduled Public Gatherings being held by various
co-sponsors for Crystal Skull World Day 2016. Depending in which
part of the world the co-sponsor is located they will be listed
below under the appropriate tab.  All gatherings are to be held on
November 20th, during one of the four time periods …..
If you are interested to be part of one of these Gatherings,
please make sure you contact the host beforehand to register.
Some Gatherings, the details are still not fully known or private…..)

Crystal Skull World Day Gatherings – U.S., Canada & Europe


A Path to Avalon, Arlington (Seattle-North), WA, USA


Attn: Shelley Smith (store owner)

Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Time: 2:45 PM (please be on time, thanks!)

Venue: A Path to Avalon
437 N. Olympic Ave. #D
Arlington, WA 98223

Phone of Store: (360) 403-8884
Email for Store:

(Directions: Take Interstate 5 from the north/south to exit 208 and head toward Arlington – which puts you on WA 508, take this into the city for about 4 miles, when you enter Arlington, WA 508 becomes division street, when you hit the main city you have about 3 blocks before you hit Olympic Ave., make a right at the light and go down two blocks. The building which A Path to Avalon is in, will be to your left, there is plenty of parking on the streets nearby. Outside of the door to the building will be a sign for the center, go through the door, take the elevator to the 3rd floor and follow the signs to the store.

Main Coordinators: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head

Phone:   253-236-2953 (crystal skull explorers)

Website: -or-


(This should be a very special time, as we have the opportunity to share a special loving and healing energy with our world while we co-create with our local crystal skull family. It should be a nice day to meet other crystal skull guardians in the area as we joyously celebrate together. This will be the third public gatherings we have organized to take place for CSWD 2016 in the Seattle area, thanks to generous help offered to us by our dear friends at A Path to Avalon (2nd straight year we have done this gathering at this location).

We ask all those interested to participate to arrive at this center in Arlington precisely at 2:45 PM, as our event will begin at 3 PM sharp. If you can email or phone us ahead of time to let us know if you are definitely coming it is appreciated. At 3 PM we will listen to a 40+ minute audio for a world peace meditation with the crystal skulls.  If you have more than one crystal skull, all are welcome to join us although you will select one to hold during the mediation. If you do not have a crystal skull or quartz crystal to use for the meditation there will be extra ones available to be used. Also we will be surrounding our circle of meditators with a circle of 24 quartz crystals so if you would like to bring a person crystal to be a part of this outer circle pleas do so.

Everyone is invited to join us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. People are welcome to stay and visit after the meditation is concluded

There is NO FEE for this Meditation/Gathering however, all donations are kindly accepted to offer gratitude to A Path to Avalon for allowing us to us their space, thank you.)

Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada


Contact: Philippe-William Sinclair & Dominic Desgagné

Lieu: Hôtel Gouverneurs, 975 rue Hart, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, G9A 4S3

Date: 20 novembre 2016,

Heure: 13:30


Au fil de cette rencontre, nous serons reliés avec d’autres Gardiens de Crânes de Cristal de la planète toute entière. Nous serons nombreux, tant d’Europe, du continent américain et d’ailleurs à participer à cette rencontre qui se favorise depuis déjà quelques années et créée par le CRYSTAL SKULL HEARTS COUNCIL. Les méditations se feront dans de nombreuses langues, comme l’Anglais, le Français, le Néerlandais, l’Allemand, le Portugais, l’Espagnol, en Hongrois et en Chinois.

Nous sommes très heureux de participer à cette Journée Mondiale du dimanche 20 novembre 2016 pour ancrer davantage de Paix sur cette Terre. Vous serez des 4 coins du Kébek à assister à cette rencontre exceptionnelle et spirituelle hors du commun.

À mettre à votre agenda…

-Au menu… En première partie… Un Entretien vibrant d’harmonie dans une Énergie d’Universalité et un Vortex Créé d’Énergies Pures tout au fil de cette rencontre et bien entendu, UNE MÈRE… VEILLEUSE ÉNERGIE TOUJOURS AU RENDEZ-VOUS…

-En deuxième partie… Une Méditation de + de 40 minutes où nous pourrons nous relier avec d’autres personnes sur notre Mère… Veilleuse planète. Tout cela pour permettre que passe davantage de Lumière et de Paix car nous en avons toutes et tous besoin.

-Et il y aura bien entendu, les Crânes de Cristal au rendez-vous qui seront au nombre de quelques centaines… Environ entre 600 et 700, voire peut-être plus disposés dans une figure de géométrie sacrée représentant le MERKABA… Alors, si vous en avez, apportez-les, plus il y en aura, plus Mère… Veilleuse sera cette Jour… Née d’une si belle méditation. Ceci est très important pour nous.
Si vous avez des crânes de cristal, apportez-les… Et même si vous n’en avez pas, vous êtes les bienvenus(es) pour vivre cette rencontre Mère… Veilleuse afin que nous puissions émaner davantage de Lumi… Ère d’Âme… Our et de Paix sur la planète. Namaste

Merci à vous de l’importance que vous accorderez à cette rencontre.

Page web:

Groupe Facebook:


Tian Tu Center, Gent, Belgium

logo mineralen-tiantuContact: Wilfred and Vera

Addres: Prinsenhof 111, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Datum: 20 November, 2016   Tijd: 13:30 uur


Telefoonnummer: +32 488 15 58 55

Facebook Pagina:

Website Pagina:

Wat als elke “kristallen schedel hoeder” in de hele wereld zich op een speciale dag voor vijfentwintig minuten zou focussen op het zenden van een helende energie naar Moeder Aarde en al het leven?

In samenwerking met de “Crystal skull heart council” organiseert Tian Tu Mineralen deze speciale dag op 20 november 2016. De meditatie zelf begint om 14 uur. Graag om 13.30 uur aanwezig zijn zodat we op tijd met de voorbereidingen kunnen starten.

Zondag 20 november wordt er op diverse plaatsen in de wereld een meditatie met kristallen schedels gehouden.

Bij Tian Tu ben je om 13.30 uur welkom mee te mediteren, wel even van te voren inschrijven,

De meditatie zal worden geleid door

Vera Borremans

muzikaal begeleidt door

Kathleen Murray

De oeroude schedels

Sammie, Kalif, Jade and the Twins

zullen er ook bij zijn!

Voorafgaand aan de meditatie zal Kathleen, van 10 tot 13 uur, een lezing over haar werk geven.
Hiervoor kun je apart inschrijven.

Meer informatie over haar lezing lees je hier.

Hartelijke groet,
Wilfred en Vera


Earth Spirit, Bentham, North Yorkshire, England

earthspiritAttn: Juanita Cox

Venue: Earth Spirit (send an email for the exact location)

Date: November 20th, 2016   Time:  1:45 PM (please be on time, thanks!)

Email: (Juanita)



Facebook Page or for Your General Inquiries:    For those definitely interested in attending – a closed group where details and address will be shared‚  to find this information please go to our facebook event page at:

If last year was anything to go by this will be a very special time with a wonderful energy where we can connect in person and our crystal skulls can pass on information whilst we send out love and healing to our beautiful planet and all sentient beings on her.

Please arrive between 12.30 – 12.45pm as our meditation will start promptly at 1pm.

Please email or contact me on the group page ahead of time to let me know if you are definitely coming. As there are only a few people to date I’ve gone for a small venue.

Please do bring your crystal skull/s to join in this special meditation. If you don’t have your own, I have plenty who will be happy to share the meditation with you.

Everyone is welcome. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. People are welcome to stay for nibbles and a chat after the meditation.

There is NO FEE for this Meditation/Gathering however, a plate of eats or something to drink will be welcome.


The Crystal Tree, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK


Attn: Tracy Munn and Louise Hamp (store owners)

Venue:  The Crystal Tree, 69 Broadway West, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 2BX

Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2016   Times: 5:45pm (please be on time)

Contact:  01702 808710





Description: CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY at The Crystal Tree

Our Chosen time to join in The World Crystal Skull peace meditation is 6pm, so please arrive before this time so that we can all get settled.

This gathering at The Crystal Tree is a FREE event, but places are limited so must be booked in advance please.

More details on the event can be found by clicking on the links below. If you cannot come to the shop, please feel free to arrange your own gathering and meet up at one of the selected times.

Website details for event...

Facebook event


The Alchemy Temple, Highbury, London, UK


Attn: Aurola Ra

Venue: 80 Flat A, Drayton Park, Highbury, London N5 1ND

Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2016 Times: from 3pm (meditation begins 6pm!)

Contact: 07875 177375



Nearest Tube station: Arsenal (5 min walk). Come out of station, walk straight ahead to end of road, turn right onto Aubert Park, take 2nd turning on left – Drayton Park, my place is 500 yds on left)

Please email me, Aurola at:, so I know you are coming..


Please come and celebrate a magical ⭐”Crystal Skull Tea-Party”⭐ in my home in celebration of ‘Crystal Skull World Day’ where we shall send healing, loving vibrations across our majestic earth!

“Joy” (my crystal skull) & I shall serve tea from 3pm with plenty of time to relax and get to know each other, share our crystal skull stories, have fun, sing & chant and prepare our energetics for the powerful ‘remote’ world-wide group meditation which begins at 6pm which is stunningly beautiful!

Also, “Joy” shall perform a special, Transmission of the Heart for our physical group!

This is a friendly, majestic gathering which shall bring magical surprises and connections.. If you don’t have a Crystal Skull, that’s okay, we can rustle one up, or if you have a special crystal, please bring this.. All that is truly needed is a shining, beautiful Open Heart..