What to Do on Crystal Skull World Day
(how to perform the meditation with the video)

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First of all, we wish to thank each of you for interest and support of Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD2014), that this dream is soon to become a reality. The purpose of this page is to give clear details what will be happening on CSWD2014 and how you can participate with us as an individual or work together with a group (which we call a “gathering”).

As we have announced before publicly, there will be three time periods when our meditation for CSWD2014 will take place. Below we reprint the times given for a few key locations but if you wish to see specifically what are your options to perform the meditation this day, on the tab labeled “Meditation Times” shown above, is a table which shows the three times on November 22nd or November 23rd when you can do the meditation in your location.

Now, we have created a digital video which goes for about 11 minutes for you to watch and guide you through the meditation. It is broken into three parts.

Part I – is a welcome to CSWD2014 and has some brief instructions how to prepare for the meditation. The idea is that during the meditation you will be sitting comfortably while you are able to watch the video we have prepared. Also you should be holding in your lap either a personal crystal skull or special piece of quartz crystal. While you are watching this part of the video, you will see some images of various crystal skulls with a peaceful music in the background.

Part II – is the actual meditation which will go for a little bit over 5 minutes. You will see a series of images from nature and the cosmos with a special music behind. The idea is, at the end of the meditation, to take the special healing and peaceful energies generated along with a love energy from your heart and to send it out throughout our world. There will be no one speaking during this part of the meditation.

Part III – a person talking will bring you back from your meditation and our group, the Crystal Skull Hearts Council will thank you for your participation. We expect based on the success of this first Crystal Skull World Day that we will do this again.

How to Get a Copy of the Digital Video

You will have two options how to watch this video. We are making different versions based on the spoken language by the speakers in the video. So we will have these versions available via our youtube channel and also you will be able to download the video as a digital file (the file is in an .avi format) . For the versions we play on youtube, as these videos are available we will post the direct webpage link below here. We recommend that you go to youtube to watch this video, if this is your choice so the video can fill your computer screen. Also you may need to play this video before Crystal Skull World Day to find the proper volume to play it at.

Option 1:
Watch our video directly via Youtube
through your computer – list of links below:

(We will have 8 different language videos on Youtube, select the best one for you, soon all are available:)

English: http://youtu.be/rPGVqPBPyno

Dutch: http://youtu.be/SHPtfpgClT8

Hungarian: http://youtu.be/lKmDQufr_Qk

German: http://youtu.be/e1ggT7FG2UQ

Portuguese: http://youtu.be/9rESnB9N7zU

Italian: http://youtu.be/QD6nvq4wvw0

Spanish: http://youtu.be/QD6nvq4wvw0

Chinese: http://youtu.be/QD6nvq4wvw0

Option 2:
Download the Digital File to your computer
– a list of files you can download appear below via Google Drive:

(when you click on the appropriate language link below you will come to a page from “Google Drive” – you will see a down arrow over a line just above the video, click on this arrow and the video will be download to your computer. Be aware – you need 2.5 gigabytes of space to hold this video. There are 8 language versions shown below.)

English: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

Dutch: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

Hungarian: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

German: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

Italian: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

Portuguese: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

Spanish: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

Chinese: <click here to download this version of the video to your computer>

How to Watch the Video if You Use the Video File?

There are several ways you can view the video if you choose not to see it through Youtube. Below is a few suggestions how to do this:

1) You can copy the video file to a DVD or CD and play it through your video player/recorder connected to your TV.

2) You can copy the video file to a memory stick and either play it through your computer (a video program) or some DVD players will recognize the memory stick and play the video file through your TV.

3) You can play the video file via a video player program on your computer directly. This is in case you will not be linked to the internet to play the video file through Youtube.

4) If you have a large group of people and the screen on your tv is too small, you can use an lcd projector (or beamer) linked to your computer, which has the video file and a video playing program on it and project the video to a screen with external speakers for your computer.

5) Most likely you can also play the video through your Tablet or even a cell (mobile) phone linked to the internet.

Summary: In any case, you have these two options to view our video, in your language, so find the proper video on Youtube or download the proper video to your computer (and then on to another device). If you have any questions about this procedure, feel free to email us at:


Table of Times to Do the Meditation

As stated earlier, you can either click on the Tab above marked “Meditation Times” and look for the 3 times in your location when the CSWD2014 meditations take place (Note: on this page, you will see a link to view a Table that shows the meditation times for each country, just click on “Crystal Skull World Day 2014 – Time Zone Table”) — or you can get a copy this Microsoft Spreadsheet by going to our file download page for which the link to this page is shown right below. The file is called on this page, “Crystal Skull World Day 2014 Time Zones (Excel sheet format)”:

(if you click on the download button, a window pops up to ask you to save this file to your computer)

Below is a re-print of some key time zones to help you if you don’t wish to look through the whole table:

Primary Linkup TimeSaturday, 22 November

1 PM NYC (EST); 6 PM, London, UK (GMT); 5 AM Sydney, Australia (Sunday)

Secondary Linkup TimesSaturday, 22 November – Sunday, 23 November

Linkup Time #1: 8 AM NYC (EST); 1 PM London, UK (GMT); Midnight (12 AM) Sydney, Australia

Linkup Time #2: 6 PM NYC (EST); 11 PM London, UK (GMT); 10 AM Sydney, Australia (Sunday)

How to Participate in CSWD if you
do not have a Crystal Skull?

If you do not have a personal crystal skull and are not attending a public gathering where there may be some extra crystal skulls, we recommend to work with a special quartz crystal which has a special inner connection with you. To charge this piece of quartz with the energy of the crystal skulls, either go to the photo gallery on our website (http://crystalskullworldday.com/?page_id=604) and select an image of a crystal skull that resonates for you (or instead you can search on the internet to find a special image of a crystal skull), print this image out and let your personal quartz crystal sit on top of this photo for 24-48 hours before the meditation you will participate on for CSWD. Again, you will be holding this piece of quartz while sitting and watching the video.

Very Special Request We Make

We believe CSWD2014 is a very special day and we would like to celebrate it with everyone. Therefore, may we request that before or after you do your meditation, whether individually or as a group, that if you are able to take any digital photos or a short video of how you performed the meditation, we would be most grateful. We would like to make some new sections on our webpage where we can take your images or video and share it with the world. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

— Once again, we thank you for being a part of the co-creation of CSWD2014. We truly believe this day will be important for the future of our world. If you would like to become of our planning team for 2015 or have some other suggestions to offer how to make CSWD even more special feel free to contact us.

Thank You, in Peace, Light and Love

The Crystal Skull Hearts Council


Contact Us through:

email: crystalskullheartscouncil37@gmail.com
(note: if you need to speak live we can schedule a chat by skype)

(our group for CSWD)

(our Page for Crystal Skull Hearts Council)

To View the Table of Time Periods when the Meditations
happen in your area click below:

Crystal Skull World Day 2014 – Time Zone Table