CSWD 2014 Worldwide Reports

(This page contains all the Reports & Photos that we received from various individuals all over the world who participated in Crystal Skull World Day on November 22nd or 23rd.  We have divided the reports geographically, for which you will see the respected location covered on the various tabs below. You will find both individuals who sent reports as well as reports from the public gatherings. We hope these reports provide our visitors a good idea of what took place on Crystal Skull World Day 2014.

Also, you will be presented with a thumbnail of the pictures on this page but if you wish to see them full size, just click on any thumbnail and the whole picture will fill another window. To go through the photos, click on the “<” or “>” arrows on the far left or right side of the page and an “X” at the top to close this window. Additionally below the photos are comments made by the person (or persons) who sent the photos.)

Joani J. from North Central Arkansas

(Personal Comments: Hi there,here is the simple meaning of this grid I used on Crystal Skull World Day as it represents was Love, Light, Peace, Balance, and Healing for Mother Earth and all her many and varied inhabitants. Below are just a few of the other comments I have received about the grid (the 1st picture) and their perspective upon it.

Annette Jones: “pure love without expectations is such a rare and beautiful energy to behold….thank you Joani for showing us Her/Him in the physical…..if looked at for just a few minutes, this array is very healing and I say that as I can feel its balancing gentle understanding yet guiding energy pushing for balance and kindness…. It would help anyone with depression …. Wow…… Blessings to you and thank you for sharing … oxxx.”

Vikki Cunningham: “Self Love travels the dimensional timelines activating Pachamamma receiving from Fathersky so we all come together as one with assistance from our Earth /Star families in open Heart to Receive, Oh yum HUNABKU Evam Maya ema Ho xxx.”

Likita Marley: “Beautiful, I see the energy from the stars beaming out, emitting light and love energies through the rainbow diamond grid to the crystalline heart of Mother Earth and back out into the world.”

Charlie Riverman: “Well Joani, you have taken me from the creation of Gaia through the gridlines of all clarified dimensions which are structured and overseen by the Guardians of Time as if in a Grand Celebration of Love and Harmony with each of us radiating in some form to the Creative Glory of it all.”

Love and Light, Joani Jiannine

Nina E. from Southern California

(Personal Comments: Howdy, here are a few photos from us!!! That is my husband Carl (last photo) who facilitated our ceremony.  Many Blessing ….  Nina)

Ann & Phil Delong, Daytona Beach, Florida

Report of Crystal Skull Gathering by Phil DeLong

The first photo in the series for this gathering is a copy of our Crystal Skull Grid we used in the Drum Circle.  Photo by Rev. Ann DeLong (only one that turned out).  The carpet is awesome, & with the Grid, I call it “A Patchwork of Harmony”

The Crystal Skull World Day in Daytona Beach was a great success.  Due to weather conditions, the Drum Circle was moved inside, to the home of Grandmother Sunnyside Spirit.  A group of Eleven Light-workers drummed, rattled and fluted, raising the vibration until the appointed time of Meditation.  Each person picked a Crystal Skull from the Grid, and sent out World Peace during the meditation.

The comments made by the participants were:

“The Crystal Skulls vibrated at a phenomenal energy.”
“The Peace energy was very calming.”

“You could feel the Crystal Skulls connecting all over the planet and beyond.”
“The energy was so surreal, it was almost like Time stopped for these moments, and we experienced that Peace of the Oneness.”

“I could connect with Max, the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, British Museum Skull , my Crystal Skulls and friends skulls all over the world — and it seemed I was floating.”

“I put my Meditation Crystal Skull on my Third Eye and felt the Power!  Heart-stopping & Amazing!”

“We should do this more often.”

(For some of the gatherers, it was a first-time experience working with THE Crystal Skulls)

With Blessings, Dr. Phil

 Elizabeth N. from Harwood, MD

(Personal Comment: I was delighted to participate in this world wide meditation with all of my skulls.  It was a beautiful experience to feel connected to people all over the world with one intention ……. Elizabeth)

 Faye F. from Nevada

(Personal Comments: Thank you so much for putting this most beautiful event together. It was an out of this world experience and I hope there will be many more to come. It was so joyful to work towards this sacred event and my heart is still filled with the loving and spiritual energy that was evoked by the love and compassion of our family. Together with our crystal skulls  we felt united and loved and it was truly Healing Magical and Magnificent. Feeling deeply connected with my beautiful sisters and brothers … Love always … Faye)

Carlos & Denice R. (Gathering) Lindenwold, NJ

(Personal Comment: Attached are the photos we took on CSWD 2014 at our gathering here in NJ. We had 3 people who contacted us to join us but none of the parties showed. Denise and I participated in all three sessions. The energy we felt was absolutely loving, uplifting, powerful, and serene.   After the first session, I laid down in a meditative rest.  My eyes were closed. I suddenly “saw” a bright light flash and heard an audible pop. I believe it was my pineal gland (activating)! The rest of the day continued as serene as it started … so beautiful and powerful …. Carlos & Denice)

 Dolores C. (near Serpent Mounds), Ohio

(Personal Comment: It was a wonderful experience to share the peace meditation today. I felt so much love being poured out. Doing the meditations have been such a blessing and I truly believe it is making a difference. Sorry for the clutter in my background. I thought you might enjoy Christmas cactus in bloom. Love and Light …. Delores)

Nicole L. (Gathering), Woonsocket, RI

(Personal Comment from Nicole about the Gathering at her center: I only have the pic of the table at our gathering of the day but it was lovely and the people I met were awesome. One guy drove about 1- 1.5 hours to be there with us. He had a most amazing skull that is in the picture (you see here) which told me it’s name so when he said it I was floored.)

Reports & Photos, Sedona, AZ & Tacoma, WA, USA
(Well attended CSWD Gatherings in the
Western part of the U.S., multiple reports)

Sedona, AZ
(Organized by Jose Federico Munoz with Anna Chio and with
support from “Golden Eagle”, CSWD Meditation with a Mayan
and Native American Ceremony held outside at ChocolaTree Eatery.)

Photos from Amanda H. from, MD, USA

(Personal Comments: I had many experiences during the CSWD and thereafter.  On that day, I also wore butterflies in my hair, my jewelry, etc. and realized once I arrived that there was a group of women who called each other “butterfly sisters”.  Perhaps, this is a clan and they use the name of the butterfly to represent their ability to transmute and transform.  A lot was spoken on concerning water being life and how we must transmute our waters right now.

Let me see if I can say a few more things about the event right now:

In my interaction with Goldie, (along with my small pyrite skull that had been sitting next to him), I felt an activation that I experienced once with an ET skull.  I could feel this tingling and an activation in the left palm that had been touching his crown.  As I write to you now, I still feel it.  I, also, noticed that more and more healing energy was coming from both my hands, though, especially during the event and I felt a great Kundalini activation towards the end of one of the ceremonies.  I looked around me and saw people from times past.  I saw family from one of my Ancient Egyptian lives and he confirmed his connection to that area when he came up to me.  Another person I had known from Tibet.  There was another person who had Viking lives and who, also, had that bloodline in this life…. His spirit, still an explorer.

For our group, I felt there were many messages.  Many layers.  For some, it was a reminder to be aware… to remember more of who you are and the power we all truly have within.  For others, it was about the importance to continue on with our missions.  One being the transmutation of our waters as one example.  Overall, the intent was powerful and I could see more of what we all had to do, but I could sense the Earth in fifth dimension even more so than usual… and on those multidimensional levels.

I could feel everyone who participated, including the skulls, those under the Earth, above us and in places between the worlds.  I could feel and sense more of a bridge (and grid) being created all around the world.

When I specifically tapped into Jose Federico’s skull, I felt illumination of light and information.  I placed my hands above his skull and he glowed and I glowed and we increased the light, envisioning it encircling the group and then, around the world.  It was a great honor.

I felt so much happening during the CSWD.  This was just a little bit of what I experienced and I was most honored to be a part of this historical event … Amanda)

Photos by Cyndi F. from Los Angeles, CA, USA

(Personal Comments:  Beloveds ….  I am so grateful for all you are doing.

 I attended the Ceremony in Sedona with Jose Frederico Munoz. It was truly AMAZING. The interweaving and Spirit of all the community worldwide was felt deeply. There was so much Joy, Healing, and Love that was amplified that day from EVERYONE Celebrating, Honoring, Praying, and holding the space for a better world. The guidance and Celebration of the Crystal Skulls was so Beautiful and energized throughout time and space. They are so Powerful and Precious and it is so important that we continue to do this work, to keep showing up and saying YES to why we are here, why we have come back. Lifetimes-past present and future are waiting for us! Gracias … Cyndi )

Photos by Hector G., AZ (participant at the Gathering)

(Personal Comments: This was my first crystal skull gathering, which was a powerful one, All the people that participated were meant to be there, we were all in the same level of vibration and with intentions. Setting up the Altar and seeing the crystall skulls was amazing … but what really got me was when the fire was lit, we were all around the fire, I felt the most energy coming through. knowing that there were other ceremonies happening around same time i know we definitely elevated earth energy.  Looking forward towards the next Crystal skull ceremony … Hector / Puma Walks )

Photos by Thana R. (participant at the Gathering) .

Tacoma, WA
(Organized by the Crystal Skull Explorers and Linda Myers
at the Crystal Voyage Store in Tacoma, room in back)

Photos by Katrina Head
(Crystal Skull Explorer)

(Comments from the Crystal Skull Explorers: Joshua — the setup in the room was I ran my computer through an LCD projector and speakers to play both the Crystal Skull World Day Video and the Mayan Prayer. Crystal Voyage already had a slide screen in the room. There were about 20 people who participated, with the owner of the store also checking in with us. Katrina setup two tables in the center of the room for everyone to place their skulls on, we probably had forty or fifty skulls present. Some people who attended were old friends and some were new. Linda Myers also helped to support our gathering to secure this space and took photos and videos. My role was to guide people through the meditation. Many people commented to me how peaceful and powerful the energy was during the meditation. I recall a few other people said they felt the energy of the skulls before they entered the room. After the meditation participants had a chance to visit with the skulls and talk and a few of us went out to lunch together afterwards – it was a nice Saturday morning (10 AM for us) to celebrate with our spiritual family.)

Photos by Linda Myers (co-organizer)

(Comments from Claire G. who attended the Tacoma Gathering:

Hi Joshua and Katrina,

Thank you for guiding the meditation today…truly was profound.  Beyond being really nice to meet others and to be seen, the crystal skulls were SOOOO JOYFUL and fun to be with.  I wanted to share a bit of what happened during the meditation.  A LOT happened, but what seems significant is that all of the crystal skulls joined together on a golden platform in Oneness Above and radiated unlimited, interdimensional light to humans from that platform.  Then, they melded into a new space of One…an entirely different frequency and worked on the planet itself.  A crystalline grid was reconnected, reinforced, etc. with platinum frequencies, liquid light frequencies, gold frequencies and more.  Then , the Earth and people had a resequencing process initiated.  Human DNA was upgraded….the Earth’s core resequenced….There was so much more; however, this seemed very relevant to your work. … Smiles and gratitude …. Claire
p.s.  Bernie and Rose {Claire’s 2 skulls} LOVED meeting the others….and Katrina! )

Reports & Photos, The Netherlands and U.K. in Europe
(Photos from the Gathering in the The Hague
and several other participants in the two countries

The Netherlands

Photos from Martin B. & Monique E. in Stein(L)

(Personal Comments: We did download the video before.  We did arrange the skulls and all objects 2 hours before, so the energy could built up.

We did do the meditation by using the video, my friend and I. Both Skullkeepers. Only since a few months. So together with the skulls we sent love to the world.

The energie was “lovely”.  What was coming to my was that we should work through the water!!  For sofar, Love …. Martin & Monqiue)

Photos from Odette vd., Gathering in The Hague

(Personal CommentsHereby a little update on how our group in the Netherlands, The Hague, had experienced CSWD 2014. First of all, when the day had arrived we were all very excited to come together and do the meditation. Some of us had already worked with crystal skulls before, some of us only worked with crystals and some of us haven’t experienced crystal skulls or crystals before. It didn’t matter as we all sat down around the altar with a grid of crystal skulls on earth and flowers which symbolized Gaya. Our beloved mother Earth.

Firstly we did some grounding and then all picked a crystal skull or crystal for the mediation. It’s always very special to see that the crystal skull one is attracted too is just the skull for that person to support them in their current process. We had 3 beautiful kids joining the meditation as well and one of the girls had just the day before, through her Granny, found her crystal skull. A little red one that energetically was almost glued to her hand when she was holding it, using her own words. The second and the third girl also immediately knew which skull they wanted to held during the meditation. One little Jade and one little Opalite skull.

When the meditation started we all sat down and quietly watched the meditation, with an open heart sending of all our love to Gaia and all living beings in and upon her, directly followed by the Mayan prayer. Both were received as very impressive. We could all feel a deep love and connection flowing through us. One of the attendees said that a feeling had overwhelmed her of such a deep love and beauty that this must be the state after dead. Heaven-like if you wish. She was in tears.

The young girls saw souls and loving beings surrounding us everywhere. They spoke about this very openly. There were no walls. All very naturally. Another one of the attendees shared with us that she totally lost the feeling of time and that there was a ‘gap’ before she came back from meditation and that especially the volcano image touched her very deep inside. Some of us had received answers on why we are on this earth. Some of the answers were: 1. To never stop believing in love. 2. To learn 3. To experience what is like being a human. Overall we all had a deep desire of manifesting world peace.

After the mediation we sat down and sang a song of John Lennon, “Imagine”: Imagine all the people…  At that point we all had Goosebumps and felt very much connected and on the right track. {Note, soon we will share a video made by this group singing this song.}

One of the persons that had never guarded a skull before had especially bought one for the mediation and when she went to bed she automatically took the skull with her and when asleep he made himself present to her and showed her so much love and using her own words, she felt that all was good. She felt very happy and warm. It was so beautiful to see some people connecting with the skulls for the first time and on such a deep level.

The days after can also be described as very special. As if the veils have gotten thinner, some energetic changes that are hard to further describe in words. And this deep feeling of love for all living beings and our Mother Earth. This strong connection. Something definitely has been changed after all the crystal skull guardians and their crystal skulls had connected. That was for sure. One could just feel it. Then and still.. 

We  hope next year many crystal skull guardians will join us for CSWD2015 and that we can reunite  and connect on an even larger scale to enter the prophesized time of World Peace. The time we are all longing for and deserve.  Until that time, be gentle, walk in peace, and we wish for you that where ever you go you will find an open door.  With Crystal Love and Blessings ……….

Odette, Kees, Anita, Rene, Hennie, Shiva, Annabelle, Isabella, Yvette, Yvon, Daisy, Indra, Marja, Sherida, Helena
Magisch Centrum de Maanboog, The Hague, The Netherlands )

 Photos from Kittie L. in Stein

(Personal Comments:  This picture is from Saturday 22 november and it was a very peacefull meditation. Good luck and until the next time … Kittie)

 The United Kingdom (England)

Photos from Christine C. in Ely, Cambridgeshire

 (Personal Comments:  This is my circle of friends that joined me for the meditation. There was an amazing shift of energy at 6 that changed the feeling of the whole room. Not sure quite how to describe it, but a sense of connection and love. Feel honoured to have been part of it …. Christine)

Photos from Lindsay B. & Kathy G., Bantham Beach, Devon
(From a Gathering in Devon, England at the beach ….)

(Personal Comments:   Crystal Skull World Day, Bantham Beach Devon UK

Our meditation began with the beautiful resonance of a singing bowl.  As we sat on the beach, we could hear the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the birds circling overhead.  We were aware of the rocks behind us, the clouds above us and the sacred island in front of us.  As we focussed on sending a loving energy to all life, we strongly felt our connection to Mother Earth, and a beautiful energy settled around us.

Having enjoyed linking into  the video earlier, the lovely images were fresh in our minds and enabled us to connect again with all other people around the world linking in on this special day.  It is was a very  special experience and certainly a day to remember.

in peace and light …  Lindsay, Katy, Nick, Caroline, Lyn, Yvonne and Peter)

Photos from Mel & Myana W., Rothley, Leicestershire

(Personal Comments:   We have enclosed an image of our skulls arranged in a grid on an altar table just before the meditation took place. We had smudged the area and created sacred space for the meditation.  During the meditation we felt a deep connection with other skull keepers and their skulls – and could sense a field of powerful and protective loving energy forming and flowing around the earth. We finished the meditation feeling that this was only the start….and that regular events like this could really make a difference.  Love and light …. Mel and Myana)

Reports & Photos from Various Countries in Europe

Photos from Alain L. in Belgium

(Personal Comments:  Hello and blessings to all the Crystal Skull Keepers in the world.  My name is Alain L. from Belgium and here is my experience of CSWD :

 On Saturday morning, I connected myself to my guides and have created this nice grid on the photo. It took me about 45 minutes to create it.  As it was difficult to find a place to put that many skulls together, I found a way and have created some place in my bedroom.  To be honest I was quite impressed about what I did. Never thought being able to create something like that, but hey, we are creators or not ?

Unfortunately I was not able to be in the presence of my grid at the exact meditation moment because my son had a football match and we had some people coming over in the evening. So I decided to program the grid to activate itself for love, light and peace for the whole world & Mother Earth and to create a connection with a selected “portable skull”.   I took 1 crystal skull with me to connect to this grid from a distance through him.

I drove to my son’s football match, parked my car somewhere in the neighbourhood on a quiet place, took my mobile phone and downloaded the meditation to start the connection. As soon as I started the meditation and tried to connect to the grid, I had a warm feeling running through my whole body. The meditation was really powerful and felt peaceful ! It was a pity it looked a bit short in time though J. I meditated a bit longer in the car because it was so nice and decided to go away after +- 20 min. Once arrived at home, I have put the “portable skull” into the grid to connect with the others.  The grid looked so nice, that I decided to keep it in my bedroom during a few more days. Looked not a good idea afterwards, because I wasn’t able to sleep very well during the following days. It seemed a bit “too powerful” to sleep with …

I also realized since Sunday that something changed in me. I became somewhat “ill” since than, no fever nor headache or something like that, just feeling a little bit dizzy, not really connected, and I had a lot of “cardiac extra systoles”. I was a bit worried, went to my doctor on Thursday, but guess what: he found nothing ! Completely healthy !!! So my guess is that I was somehow updated or something like that, following to the meditation and the grid and my body has to sync with this new frequency resulting in those “cardiac anomalies”. I hope it will be synced very soon so I will be healthy and feel good again.

Just wanted to share this experience to all of you, perhaps there are some other people who had the same feelings as myself, who knows ? Sending a lot of love and light to everyone !

I would like to thank all of you for being with you and for this wonderful initiative …. Alain)

Photos from Inari G. in Hamburg, Germany

{ Personal Comments:  Hello, my name is Inari Gensai (Christine), we come from Hamburg Germany.  It was wonderful (this mediation) , we felt a very intense connection to the other crystal skulls in the world.  blessed be …  Inari )o(   }

Photos from Monica M. in Bucharest, Romania

(Personal Comments:  Hi Dear Crystal Skull Hearts Council ==  I would like to share my experience from the meditations held on Crystal Skull World Day 2014.

I’m a guardian of this Quartz Skull for a month, but I felt that the connection with crystals is from a long time. On that special day we attend to two of the meditations and the insights were very powerful.  On the meditation I view the Planet Earth covered with the wings of loving energies, from an angelic presence. And a pyramid grid with crystal skulls on top of the Earth, sending a laser light. Many crystal skulls came in my vision, many shapes and colors. It was a family gathering. Was an amazing light, love and a joyful atmosphere.
After two hours, there was an earthquake in Bucharest and people posted on Facebook photos with a nice light in the sky (i attached two of them). I felt that Mother Earth saluted us.  This was the description of the experiences of that day.  We salute you from Bucharest, Romania!  Thank you  — Monica)

Photos from Sandra B. in Zurich, Switzerland
(Personal Comments: Dear Crystal Skull Hearts Council — We enjoy the Meditations in a very little Circle, my Daughter, my Doggy Angel and me.

For me was the First link up, like we Build the Connection and the loving Energy. By the Second link up, something amazing came up that was wonderful. I can see the Energy goes like onto one Place and from there all over the World like a rain of Stars. This Moment was very intense and I feel so thankful for this. By the third link up, came such a peaceful Silence over me and for me it was like we closed this Connection together.  A great Thank you to all Members of the Crystal Skull Family. Blessings …. Sandra)

Reports and Photos from Australia
(Here we have photos and reports from three
Crystal Skull Gatherings held in Australia.)

Photos from Gathering in Ravenshoe
(organized by Sounds of Sirius, Lia Scallon)

(Personal Comments:  33 (master number) happy souls were sitting inside the sacred Lemurian Seed Crystal and Selenite Spiral at Enuma Elish (at our gathering). A very special day with some very special people, all gathered to send out Love and Healing to Mother Earth on Crystal Skull World Day.

All went to plan with ours in the rainforest …a magnificent, powerful and very special day.  … it’s been a huge few days getting too and from this venue with about a 100 kilos of crystal, setting up the space and doing the event! All worth the effort as I’m sure all our global groups have sent out a huge ripple of Love throughout the planet. Love and Blessings … Lia)

On Lia Scallon website (Sounds of Sirius) – she gives her full report of how this wondrous day went in Rainforest in Ravenshoe for Crystal Skull World Day. Her report includes more photos and links to two videos with more details what happened.  If you would like to read more or see the videos visit:


Photos from Gathering in Leura
(organized by Alasenmat Healing Centre, Liz Hamilton)

(Personal CommentsBlessings of loving light and peace to all around the world on Crystal Skull World Day from the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia at “Alasenmat — Walk Around With Light” Healing Centre, home of 144 crystal skull beacons of light! After a wondrous day of deep meditation focused by the Tibetan temple skulls and ancient Tibetan stone skulls pictured here, the sky opened with joyous blessings of radiant light! 

With many good wishes to all for peace within our hearts … Liz  and Patrick)

Photos from Gathering in Sydney
(organized by Age of Miracles, Sandy Mayor)

(Personal Comments:  Thank you for organising. Here’s our sharing (with photos) from the gathering at my home yesterday.  A beautiful experience, evoking a profound sense of calm & understanding within the gathering. Blessings & love from Sydney, Australia …. Kind thoughts ….Sandy)

Reports & Photos, China, Brazil and Peru

Photos from Skullis in China
(Skullis is a company in China which has a number of
skilled carvers that produce thousands of crystal skulls every
year. This is the only group of carvers of skulls that we know
who joined us – we created a chinese version of the video for them.)

(Personal Comments:  We were having an exciting time during the meditation event at the exact time you told us. Attached is a picture of the meditation. The device on the desk is the projector which was playing your Youtube video. All attendants were quite excited. Thank you for organizing this event. If you need any help from me or Skullis, we will be very happy to offer …  best wishes … Barry Liu, Owner — Note, Skullis has indicated an interest to offer more support for CSWD 2015.)

Photos from Sao Paulo, Brazil (Gathering)
(The Photos in this section are from the Gathering organized
in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Luciana White Wolf Thunder.
Luciana and another participants Antonio C.
also from Sao Paulo sent these photos)

(Personal Comments:  We did the meditation in the two links 11 am and 4 pm because some people arrived after the first meditation.  It was so good because they left the meditation with a crystal skull call and they could feel the peace in their hearts  … They asked me a lot of questions about the crystal skulls and it was a so happy time.

I received too so many e-mails and messages from people that would like to know more about the crystal skulls, buy books to learn and buy their first crystal skulls.  For all our contacts I sent the CSWD website for more information about.  I am reading my e-mails now and facebook private messages and there were people from Salvador, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul that did the meditations in their houses and was so happy and with gratitude 🙂We had a total 12 people on our gathering and dozens of messages from other citys in Brasil — Paz e luz sempre …. Luciana)

Photos from Cusco, Peru (Inca Ceremony)
(The Photos in this section are from the Caroline P. who
lives in Peru and is married to the Q’ero Shaman
in these photos. On CSWD they organized a healing
ceremony done by the Q’eros, who are descendants
of the Inca, called a Despacho, to link with the meditation.)

(Personal Comments: We are honored to do this work in the name of “Pachamama” (Mother Earth) ….  New Moon- Crystal Skull Synchronized Ceremony … A day of offering and thanks— synchronized with wisdom keepers and friends around the world. Hayaya!  — Caroline)

(This Page is under construction but should
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