CSWD Acknowlegements 2015-2016
(We thank the following Individuals!!)


The Crystal Skull Hearts Council wishes to publicly acknowledge all of those individuals who have assisted us to prepare for Crystal Skull World Day 2015 and 2016 on this page.  In order to create such an event as this, as you can understand, CSWD is not something that can be done by just one or two individuals.  We extend our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the individuals listed below as well as the hundreds or thousands of crystal skull guardians who (will be joining / have joined) us on this special day to celebrate and do our collective meditation for unity, harmony and world peace…..

Co-Sponsors of Crystal Skull World

(this means these groups and individuals were sending out information to their list to discuss CSWD and help us get the world out)

Skullis (Barry Liu) [2015, 2016]
Crystal Moon (Karen Titon) [2015, 2016]
Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua & Katrina) [2015, 2016]
A Path to Avalon (Shelley Smith) [2015, 2016]
International Crystal Skull Network [2015, 2016]
Dreagus Productions [2016]

Crystal Team (Lindsay Ball) [2015]
Crystal Annie’s (Ann & Phil Delong)  [2015]
Diving Me (Shirley Sienna) [2015]
Mustang: Himalayan Skull (Nicholas Pearson) [2015]
Alasenmat Healing Centre (Liz Hamilton & Patrick McDonald) [2015]

silent co-sponsor: crystalskulls.com (Millennium Products for Personal Power,Inc.) [2015, 2016]

Crystal Skull Guardian/Teachers in Support of CSWD

Bill Homann (“Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”, U.S.) [2015, 2016]
Jose Federico Munoz (“Kame Cimi Skully”, U.S.) [2015, 2016]
Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack (“Goldie”, U.S.) [2015, 2016]
Philippe-William Sinclair, (numerous skulls in Quebec, Canada) [2015,2016]
Liz Hamilton (numerous skulls in her center in Australia) [2015]
Gabor Nagyistvan (numerous skulls in Hungary) [2015, 2016]
Juanita Visser (numerous skulls in England) [2015, 2016]
Vera & Wilfred Borremans (numerous skulls in Belgium) [2015, 2016]
Bella Reed (numerous skulls in England) [2015]
Nicole Lahousse (numerous skulls in the U.S.) [2015]
Dr. Philip and Anne Delong (numerous skulls in the U.S.) [2015, 2016]
Karen Tritton (numerous skulls in England) [2015, 2016]
Laurie Nielson (numerous skulls in the U.S.) [2015, 2016]
Shirley Sienna (numerous skulls in Australia) [2015]
Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head, skulls in U.S.) [2015, 2016]
Maya Masser (“Zaba”, U.S.) [2015]
Nicholas Pearson (“Mustang”, U.S.) [2015]

Crystal Skull World Day Website

Webdesigners (from 2014): Elias Balomenos, Ankit Jain

Webmaster (from 2014): Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua Shapiro)

Financial Support: members of the Crystal Skull Council [2014], Skullis [2015], Crystal Skull Explorers [2016]

Artwork and Logo: Gene Fleury [2014, 2016], Chris Nikiforuk-Rhyason [2015]
— logo edit design, Joshua Shapiro [2015, 2016]

Help with Marketing of the Website: Jock Brocas, SEO Spec [2015]

Help with Cyber Attack with CSWD Website: Jackie McBride [2016]

The Creation of the World Peace Meditation for CSWD 2015 –the Spoken Words

We wish to thank the following members of the Crystal Skull Hearts Council who participated in developing the words for the various meditations we have done over the three years:  Lindsay Ball, Linda Myers, Odette van Kempen, Katrina Head, Juanita Visser. This group oversaw the creation of the mediation including the Introduction, the words for the guided meditation and the conclusion. The guided meditation was channeled by Katrina with some editing and suggestions by the Council Advisor and Webmaster, Joshua Shapiro.

Also we wish to acknowledge the creation of the introduction which some parts were reused from CSWD 2014 which included the assistance from council members Ara Levingston and Karen Coupe, along with our good friend Lia Scallon who also supplied the music for the video shown for CSWD 2014.

We wish to offer a special acknowlegment to Lisa Renee and Energetic Synthesis for the clarity through the Ascension Glossary which a great amount of the contextual information used for the mediation came from as well as the implementation within the meditation of the crystal skull grid. Again, thank you Lisa Renee for the spiritual work you are doing for our planet. May Peace Reign on this Earth.

Creation of Audio for Crystal Skull World Day

The Production
The Crystal Skull Hearts Council wishes to thank and acknowledge George Bolger for taking all the various audio recordings we collected from the eight languages and to put them together into the final audio meditation for 2015 and we re-used the meditation section in 2016. We also would like to acknowledge George for providing the background music you heard throughout the meditation in 2015 and behind the meditation section and Native American Prayer(s) … (George can be contacted via his website at: www.gbolarts.com )

For help with the Meditation Audios in 2016, Audio Engineering: Dreagus Productions; Production Coordinator: Alexander Wojtaszek
(to contact Dreagus Productions visit: https://dreagusproductions.wordpress.com)

Background music for meditation in 2016:  Maxim Kornyshev, a Russian New Age musician
(his music is offered through the Russian company Soo Su, website: http://soo.su/ )

Collection of Audio Recordings: Joshua Shapiro (webmaster) [2015, 2016]

The Voices Speaking in the Audios
English: Katrina Head, Joshua Shapiro [2015, 2016] (special thanks to Phil DeLong in 2015)
Chinese: Miss Yaling Tang (arranged by Skullis in China) [2015, 2016]
Portugues: Rute Ingles [2015, 2016], Vivian Buehler [2016]
Dutch: Odette van Kempen & Kees Kromschee [2015, 2016]
German: Sandra Büchi [2015, 2016], Richard Forth [2015],  Mayly Pham [2016]
Hungarian: Mariann & Peter Mezei [2015, 2016], Nagyistván Gábor [2016]
Spanish: Licali Manik-Lahum [2015, 2016], Alejandro Garza Fernández Landoni [2015], Lilian Eko [2016]
French: Licali Manik-Lahum [2015, 2016],  Lydie Desmet [2015],  NoÃlie [2016]

Indigenous Prayers: Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack [2015], Natasha Gobin [2015, 2016]
Indigenous Song: Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack [2015]

Special Drumming Segment [2016]: Julie Sutton (UK)

Translation of Documents / Web Pages

Dutch (Vera Borremans [2015], Linda Ouwerkerk [2015], Odette van Kempen [2015, 2016],  Dominique Whitby [2016] )
Chinese (Donna Gao found through Skullis) [2015, 2016]
Spanish (Carlos Lira [2015], Eduardo Escoto [2015],  Licali Manik-Lahum [2016])
Portuguese (Rute Ingles [2015], Mafalda Larisch Frazer [2016])
French (Licali Manik-Lahum [2015, 2016])
Hungarian (Mariann Urbanhippie Nora Mezei [2015, 2016], Csilla Lörincz [2015])
German (Sandra Büchi [2015], Richard Forth [2015], Mayly Pham [2016] )
Italian (Sandra Büchi – document [2015])

Transcription of Indigenous Prayers and Song — (Joshua Shapiro [2015, 2016])

Organizers of the Public Crystal Skull Gatherings

Arlington, Washington, USA – A Path to Avalon (Shelley Smith) [2015, 2016], Anna Knight [2015], Crystal Skull Explorers [2015, 2016]

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA — Ann and Phil DeLong [2015]
Tacoma, Washington, USA – Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua & Katrina), Linda Myers [2015]
Washington, D.C., USA – Valeria Leticia Frances [2015]
Austin, Texas, USA – Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack and Leah at Nature’s Treasures [2015]
Los Angeles, California, USA, Patricia Bankins, Crystal Matrix Center [2015]

Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico, Escuela de Misterios (Eduardo Escoto) [2015]

Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Philippe-William Sinclair & Dominic Desgagné) [2016]

Gent, Belgium, Tian Tu (Vera & Wilfred) [2015, 2016]
Bentham, North Yorkshire, England (Juanita Visser) [2016]
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK (Tracy Munn and Louise Hamp) [2016]
Highbury, London, UK (Aurola Ra) [2016]

Beijing, China (private gathering for employees of Skullis, a special group of Chinese carvers) [2015, 2016]

Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, Crystal Moon (Karen Coupe) [2015]
York, England, Vicky Moore (at the Zentist) [2015]
Glasgow Scotland, Krystina Valentine & Juanita Cox & Cheryl Mcgregor [2015]
Hanover, Germany, Richard Forth [2015]
Svitavy, Czecha, True Love World of Stones (Argenio Arjuna Greco) [2015]
Merkaba & Warsaw, Poland – with Konrad Czarkowski (and the Polish Crystal Skull group) [2015]

Yandina, Queensland, Australia, Atlantean Earth (Trisha Berry) with Pauline Norris [2015]

Photo Contributions (from 2014)

Sandra Büchi / Elmo Cornelis / Shirley Coventry
Crystal Skull Explorers (Katrina Head & Joshua Shapiro)
Ann & Phil Delong / Gary Fishman / Liz Hamitlon / Lynn Hastler
Joani Jiannine / Odette van Kempen / Linda Myers / Al Ramirez (dec.)
Carlos Rivera / Karen Tritton / Krystina Valentine / Juanita Visser

Mayan Prayer
(from 2014)

Jose Federico Munoz

(And to all of our Crystal Skull World Family members who will be participating in Crystal Skull World Day and have helped to share information about this special day with friends and extended spiritual family. When we work together in total cooperation and sharing our talents, skills and resources there is nothing that we can not manifest in our world as we are only limited to our imaginations!!  If we have forgotten anyone, as we worked with so many different people all over the world, we give our apologizes and are happy to update this page. Blessing to our Crystal Skull World Family as we celebrate this wondrous day together …..)