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Meet the Crystal Skull Teachers and some of the well-known
Crystal Skull Guardians who rave about “Crystal Skull World Day”

( On this page, meet some of the special people who are helping to educate the public about the
crystal skulls as well as are in complete support of Crystal Skull World Day and will be
participating with us, each in this own way. It is a great honor for us to share with our visitors
a short bio on each of these amazing individuals. Also hear what they have to say about
Crystal Skull World Day. Please feel free to visit their website to find out more
about the amazing service and information that they are sharing publicly …… )

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Bill Homann, United States

Bill Homann, USBill is the guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”, one of the most well known and cherised crystal skulls in the world.  This crystal skull is a two piece crystal skull discovered in 1924 in Lubaantum, which is an ancient Mayan City in Belize.  Anna Mitchell-Hedges discovered the skull inside of a pyramid at this site on her 17th birthday.

Miss Mitchell-Hedges and Mr. Homann were the best of friends for many years as Mr. Homann supported her at the end of her life. At the untimely death of Miss Mitchell-Hedges in 2007, this beautiful crystal skull passed on to Mr. Homann’s keeping who has graciously traveled the world and shared this crystal skull in person with many people. The energy which surrounds and is held within the “Mitchell-Hedges Skull is a healing energy and helps all who the skull touches to awaken to their own spiritual awareness and the love in their hearts.

(Special note: If anyone wishes to contact Mr. Homann via email, feel free to send your email to the Crystal Skull Hearts Council at: and we will share and forward your message to Mr. Homann.)

Comments: I am always interested in working closely with  the skulls to help to open up the hearts of people for the purpose helping to create world peace and bring forth universal love. Thus I will always be involved with such projects who strive for these goals. This is why I strongly support Crystal Skull World Day. First, it’s a beautiful thing to watch all of these crystals being formed into skulls now which in effect is becoming a powerful force to open our hearts and take mankind into a higher consciousness linked to true love. I feel it is very exciting for us (the crystal skull guardians) to be a part of such a process.  Secondly, and just as importantly,

I feel that together we are opening new energy-based portals that that are leading all of us toward greater inner knowledge and an understanding of each other and our world.”

Jose Federico Munoz Manik Ahaob, Guatemala

Jose Federico Munoz Manik Ahaob, GuatemalaJose Federeco is a Day Keeper of what we know as the Mayan Calendar for the Maya Chortie Kiche Mam and Kakchickel people. However, these calendars don’t belong to Mayans, they are the custodians to share them with all of humanity.  He is the carrier of the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529 for which he works in what he calls the Northern > Terrorities which range Guatemala to Alaska to the West and Montreal to the East. Jose Federeco is also the permanent Guardien of a cystal skull called “Kame Cimi Skully” which he saids  is the 33rd Crystal Skull or the “Manifestation Skull”. This skull was found in the state of the Amazonas in Brazil, in a creek by a village, then the skull went to some Japanese Tourists in 1981 and then was eventually gifted to Jose Federico in 1992.  He has been dedicated to world peace since 2008 and works with several other peace groups. As Jose Fererico says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”.

{Note: Jose Federico currently is based out of southern California}


Comments: My intentions are to support the Crystal Skull Hearts Council with Crystal Skull World Day. I believe and in my heart and I know that this event can help to speed up the process of our common goal for World Peace and Dignity to All.  Also I believe by sharing my knowledge and connections regarding the crystal skulls and the sacred calendars which the Mayans preserve, this will benefit all of the Crystal Skull Family. It is a mandate I have received from the elders that this knowledge which I have been given and trained for since early childhood, that I must share it with all of humanity. Unconditonal Love to all my Galactic Brothers and Sisters.

Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack, United States


Golden Eagle is a Paiute Elder, Healer and Ceremonial Leader who carries the original teachings passed down to him through extensive training since 1960 with the Spiritual & Medicine elders of his people. He is the guardian of Grandmother Golden Eagle (fondly called Goldie”), a 3,800 year old pyrite Incan skull. Goldie reveals the prophecies and carries the vibration of the Sacred Feminine.

Marshall’s sacred work is devoted to healing and restoring balance to the Waters of the planet and helping humans to restore a relationship of respectful reciprocity with Water. He offers the ancient practice of creating Medicine Water Wheels ™, a sacred geometry pattern placed on the Earth and energized through ceremony, collective intention and the power of crystal-based technology. Based on the teachings of his Paiute elders, this traditional approach to communicating with and influencing water has also been validated by modern science. The research of Dr. Masuro Emoto in Japan has demonstrated that focused thought, emotion and intention can transform the molecular structure of water.










A Photo of “Goldie” (right, the 3800 year old Incan Skull)
with “Kame Cimi Skully” (the clear quartz skull which travels
with Jose Federico Munoz) – these two skulls will be together
at the Gathering in Sedona, Nov. 22nd.

COMMENTS: Blessings of Unity for all that are called to do the work with the Sacred Skulls! I feel in my heart that the Crystal Skulls themselves have summoned the Carriers & Keepers to come together at this time for Crystal Skull World Day. I see this gathering as a New Beginning of unity and connection, and I look forward to contributing to the whole. GOLDIE is also excited to be included in this journey.

I want to thank all of the people who had the insight to put this gathering together. A blessing for all that live on this planet !



Golden Eagle

Philippe-William Sinclair, Canada

philippe-william-photoIn the past 25 years, I have given nearly 3,000 lectures here in Quebec, and also in Europe and in the Dominican Republic. I am the Investigator of the Lumino-Energetic, of the Keys of Metatron and of the Collective Healing Techniques. I am also Masso-Therapist, Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist since the early 90’s. I am Trainer and Consultant specializing in North-American Feng Shui for more than 35 years.

Many newspaper articles and reviews had articles about me being a medium channeler and also wrote of an extraordinary meeting I had with a Hollywood Star, which became for me, the springboard for all that was fo follow, up to now. I did many radio and TV appearances and even had my own radio show treating subjects like esoteric sciences, the paranormal, mediumship, Feng Shui, UFOs, etc. I have written many texts for books, magazines, newspaper and internet on the subject of mediumship, paranormal, UFOs, the Contacted, and of Crystal Skulls. Having experienced my first extra-terrestrial contacts when I was very young, I kept it mostly secret until recently as I feared the loss of friends or go being ridiculed. I have now realized that the time has come to speak out, to open up to those who may be able to understand.

And now, what is there to say of my meeting and my love of Crystal Skulls? Since the beginning of the 90’s my interest has kept on growing and it has become for me a true Quest. And, as no coincidences exist, I received as a gift my first Crystal Skull named “StarChild” after that they kept coming and I now have around 22 from all around the world including 5 old crystal skulls from Himalaya. They have become for me a true crystalline family with which I have been able to live many inexplicable and paranormal experiences. What a story that is. and I believe it is only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

I have now been able to host meetings where many hundreds of crystal skulls can be reunited in the same room. At those meetings-conferences, there are people coming from the 4 corners of the province of Quebec and/or from other places like Europe. On Sunday, November 22nd 2015, we were able to reunite more than 700 crystal skulls. Just imagine the energy that was present at that meeting! For 2016 even more crystal skulls? It would be Magic!



Comments: Crystal Skull World Day is a very important day for me. We must find peace and harmony on this Mother Earth and we cannot wait any longer. There are more and more people working with their Crystalline families, trying to restore Unity on Earth. With this world-wide event We, crystal skull guardians and keepers, work together to recreate and allow this Love & Peace connection.

Crystal skulls are connected to each other since always. This is our task to listen to the messages brought through them for all the great planetary and cosmic transformations to come. Our collective consciousness is emanating a wonderful light and when a meditation is performed, all connected in one thought, one love, we can elevate the vibrations of the whole Planet Earth.

For this Special Day, let us open open our hearts and minds, allowing all the light and love that we so much need to go through our bodies and even further. To all participants, I would like to wish you a wonderful and successful Crystal Skull World Day and above all, an infinite Love wave to Planet Earth and all living being.

Liz Hamilton, Australia

Liz PatrickLiz Hamilton and her husband Patrick McDonald are the owners of the healing centre called Alasenmat located in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Leura, Australia, of which within their centre they have over 100 crystal skulls of all types and sizes. Liz is the author of the book called the “Collective Cosmic Consciousness of Crystal Skulls”. She has developed a healing modality called Cosmic Radiance which she received through her crystal skulls. Liz is also a teacher of various spiritual subjects, gives workshops, does star attunements and leads meditations at her center with the crystal skulls. Her husband Patrick gives spiritual readings channeling a higher consciousness from an ancient Tibetan stone star being skull they have which they call “The Regent”.


Comments: I am very pleased to see the network of light created by all the crystal skull guardians around the world for ‘Crystal Skull World Day’. I feel that the crystal skulls are great catalysts for shifting consciousness. Together we can envision loving creations for peace, unity and enlightened consciousness for our planet amplified by our collective awareness. The crystal skulls are already connected together and they draw their caretakers to also come together in the spirit of sharing and ceremony. It is through these wonderful efforts of human beings to ignite and honour the sacred light that glows within each person that miracles can arise with a great force for our world.

 Vera Borremans, Belgium

Vera-en-Hamon1Vera and her husband Wilfred are working in their centre “Tian Tu” in Ghent. In this centre is a practice for healing, massage and acupuncture.

There is also a shop with crystals and minerals. Vera is mostly involved with the crystal skulls. There are always about 100 to 200 skulls to admire. They are working together with different carvers. One of them is Leandro Souza.

Some years ago, in a channeling, Vera has been told to connect and work with crystal skulls. The channeling got quickly followed by repeated dreams of skulls who wanted to work with her.  Hamon is a skull that announced himself already for a longer time and arrived this year. This beautiful bi-coloured quartz skull is taking care of all the other skulls. Vera practice together with Hamon powerful healings and beautiful meditations.

Vera organizes also workshops “how to work with crystal skulls”.


Comment:  “For me it is a special happening to work together with other “crystal skull care takers” and participate on “World crystal skull day”.  I hope that because of the happening the people will understand more about the power and importantness of the crystal skulls and that everybody will open their heart.

 Gabor Nagyistvan,  Hungary

Gabor NagyistvanGabor Nagyistvan is from Budapest, Hungary and since 2009 he has been involved with the crystal skulls helping others in his country to understand the crystal skulls and to obtain their own. The crystal skulls have taught and healed him to prepare for this work.  He claims he has had 100 skulls flowing through him in time and space but he actually is the guardian of two crystal skulls which he feels represents the brotherhood of humans on Earth with the skulls which come from the star system Sirius. He supports the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations in Hungary and using ancient traditional healing methods with the crystal skulls and crystals.


Comments: I support Crystal Skull World Day because my mission is to spread the crystal consciousness on Earth and this is what this day represents to me.


Juanita Cox, United Kingdom

Juanita VisserJuanita life with the crystal skulls began when a Star BEING appeared to her, hours before she was admitted to a hospital with a life threatening illness, this really opened up the door to the skulls for her.  Then some years ago during a sound healing she was shown her life path ahead (very different to what it was then) working with crystals, crystal skulls & star beings. The purpose of this new work was to help with shifting energy and creating a light grid to aid the healing of our beautiful planet and to raise the vibration of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, as part of a greater plan.

At the present time, besides working with her own crystal skull family personally, she is now co-creating with her friend, Bella Reed a 6 week on-line crystal skull course. In the summer, they plan to start crystal skull weekend retreats in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales from this summer.  Earth Spirit is Junaita’s business name.


Comments: Imagine my excitement when I heard about the Crystal Skull World Day and the inner knowing that this would ripple far and wide, raising our planets vibration and all who live on her. I’m all a tingle in anticipation of this wonderful event so many people are coming together to co-create.

Rev. Dr. Philip Delong and Ann Delong, USA

Ann Delong, USARev. Dr. Philip Delong and Ann Delong. (Dr. Phil, as he is affectionately known, is a Medium and Mystic, spiritual minister, channel and crystal skull speaker; Ann is a spiritual healer and crystal skull guardian along with her husband.)

In December of 2004, they each acquired their own personal crystal skull. At the current time, they have about 70 crystal skulls that have claimed them to be their guardians. They have developed some interesting techniques to use for healing people working with their crystal skulls.

When Ann received her first personal crystal skull (“Adam”, clear quartz, found “him” at a flea market) she had no idea that her and her husband would have such a large collection. For Ann, the crystal skulls are her healing tools and teachers and have changed her life forever. You could say their home is a sanctuary for crystal skulls.

Dr. Philip Delong, USADr. Phil, in his capacity as a teacher and spiritual channel, helps people to understand their life and soul purpose. He was attuned to Crystals and Metaphysics since early childhood and has had a near death experience which helped him to connect with his spirit guides in the Angelic and Astral realms. Within the past few years, Dr. Phil has begun to give public talks about the crystal skulls; discussing the history of the skulls, how to work with a crystal skull and communicate with them, and how the skulls enhance your spiritual gifts. and

Comments:  Rev. Dr. Phil and Rev. Ann DeLong believe that the Collective Consciousness can heal Mother Earth and all its inhabitants to achieve Peace and Harmony throughout the world and in our daily lives.  As part of the Collective Consciousness, the energies of the Crystal Skulls add another dimension, a sanctifying and mysterious presence that unify the experiences of all that participate in Crystal Skull World Day 2014.  As Crystal Skull Guardians, the Crystalline Grid will be magnified in its Glory à Peace, Harmony, Gratitude and Love abounding everywhere!  How honored and exiting it is to be a part of the Crystal Skull World Day!

Karen Tritton, England

Karen Tritton, EnglandKaren lives in Liverpool and works as a Crystal Therapist/Reiki Master and holds regular Crystal Skull Workshops in the area. Living by the sea, her Skulls are often taken regularly there to recharge.

Karen started to work with Crystal Skulls after having several very profound dreams and meditations that suggested to her that she had worked with these Skulls in Lemuria and Atlantis and she should do so again in this lifetime. Regular monthly sessions are held to coincide with the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations currently held on the 13th of each month.


Comments:  I am proud and very pleased to be a part of this amazing vision for a Crystal Skull World Day which I am positive will have a profound effect on the Earth and her sentient beings…

Laurie Nielsen, United States

Laurie Nielsen, United States

Laurie Nielsen is the founder and director of the Living Light Institute of energy healing arts in Salt Lake City. She’s been an educator of crystal skull and crystal energy for several years and has been instrumental in networking with crystal skull caretakers and coordinating events in her city.

She is well versed in a number of other metaphysical subjects including shamanism, pyramid energy, self realization and is now certifying people in crystal healing.

Through Laurie’s study of crystals, she became aware of the crystal skulls in 2008. Now, not only is she doing her own public talks about the crystal skulls but she is a proud guardian of a number of crystal skulls as well.

Comments: Coming together in unity to promote peace, love, well being and Oneness as a community, as nations, as a world is something we should all strive to promote. I support these loving opportunities to unite with our crystal skulls as a vehicle to promote more love on the earth and helping us to remember we are all walking with each other, we are all brothers and sisters, we are all ONE, we are powerful beyond measure and should deeply cherish one another.

Katrina Head and Joshua Shapiro, United States (Crystal Skull Explorers)

Katrina Head - Joshua Shapiro, United States

Katrina Head and Joshua Shapiro met in Atlanta, Georgia in the spring of 2009 (as Joshua was called to move to Atlanta in this year) and have been together ever since.  Both found their way to the crystal skulls in a unique fashion. For Katrina, it was a short time till she met Joshua, but previously she was gifted with a small rose quartz skull called the “Guardian” which forever changed her life. Then a friend gifted her the book Joshua wrote with Bowen and Nocerino in 1989 and read it completely in one night.  For Joshua, in April of 1983, just before his 28th birthday, he met the ancient amethyst crystal skull called “Ami” which awakened an inner calling inside of him (a soul memory as it were) to help the public better know what the crystal skulls are all about and why they are important for our future which here in 2014, he continues this call with great vigor assisted by Katrina and their crystal children.

Together the Crystal Skull Explorers have traveled to various countries in the world not only sharing the personal skulls they have between them but to teach about all the crystal skulls in the world. Together they have released two new books in their Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers Travel Log Series, helped to organize the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations, have supported in person and on-line crystal skull conferences, have two new novels in the works and have a script for a full feature film.

Comments:  We believe with all of our heart that Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD 2014) is the most important day that has ever come in the modern age for all Crystal Skull Guardians (and people who feel a close connection with the skulls) and the cherised Crystal Skulls themself. Never before has our Crystal Skull World Family had this chance to come together working with the crystal skulls in one moment (for just such a short time) and forever change our world. We salute the Crystal Skull Hearts Council for the courage and strength to see this day through and to remain in neutrality by speaking as “One Voice” so that a person joins this day because of what it represents to all of us, to our spiritual family and not because of who is organizing it.  We hope, pray and encourage every person who hears about CSWD 2014 that they will not only participate but share it with everyone they know as we are doing ourselves. Thank you so much, in peace, light and love always.

Maya Massar, United States

MnZ_close_forprintZaba is a 96+lb Crystal Skull carved in China of Brazilian quartz, currently residing in the California Mojave desert with her caretaker, Maya Massar. Maya and Zaba offer their dynamic, interactive and well-known FULL EMBODIMENT Workshops, Light-Body Activation Meditations, Crystal Healing Circles and One-on-One Sessions to all who feel drawn to work with them, regardless of financial status. Maya & Zaba’s Purpose and Intention are TO CATALYZE FULL EMBODIMENT (that state of being in which your God/Goddess/Divine Self enters and lives fully within the vessel of your fleshy body, here and now, during your current lifetime here on Earth) through Light-Body Activation.

Please visit us online:


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Comments: Maya & Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull are happy to support Crystal Skull World Day! In the tradition of so many wonderfully healing World-Meditation & Prayer days that have made palpable change in our world, CSWD gifts Light Seekers, Healers, Ministers, Lovers, Freedom Makers, Crystal Workers, and all manner of the rest of us with yet another opportunity to raise and deepen the vibration of Peace and Healing for ALL on our planet Earth and beyond. CSWD’s stated intention aligns with The Great Prayer of Unity that lies at the center of All Things; we celebrate the project and support it, its creators and all who participate, with much joy. Blessed Be this day, the many hearts who open to it, and all healing that may arise from it. We look forward to sharing energy with all of you and your crystal friends (skull or non-skull!) on November 22nd!