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Welcome to the Official Newsletter for
Crystal Skull World Day 2014

The Crystal Skull Hearts Council has decided to organize a free newsletter so that we can more quickly update members of the Crystal Skull World Family more quickly about special news and updates linked with Crystal Skull World Day which is scheduled for November 22nd, 2014 (and in some parts of the world on November 23rd).

For example when we add new sections to the website that may be of interest, we can announce this via our newsletter. Or if we have new information or a new gathering for CSWD, we will announce it via the newsletter.

We strongly recommend that you consider to join the newsletter not only for CSWD this year but we plan to continue our newsletter to share other special news beyond this day, about other special happenings in the Crystal Skull World.

All we require is your best email and name. Fill the form below and hit ‘Subscribe’ button.

We thank you so much for your interest and support of CSWD 2014
The Crystal Skull Hearts Council