What to Do on Crystal Skull World Day 2016
(how to perform the meditation with the audio)



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First of all, we wish to thank each of you for your interest and support of Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD2016), and for helping us to continue this dream into its second year as we celebrate this special day for the Crystal Skulls once again. The purpose of this page is to provide for you very clear details about what will be happening on CSWD2016, November 20th, and how you can participate with us as an individual or work together with a group of people (which we call a “gathering”).

As we have announced before publicly, there will be four time periods when our meditation for CSWD2016 will take place throughout the world. Below we have reprinted these four time period but have only given three key locations. However, if you wish to see specifically what are your options to perform the meditation this day in your own time zone, on the tab labeled above called “Meditation Times”, we offer a spreadsheet that we have created which shows the four time periods from November 19th through November 21st for almost every location throughout the world. However, we prefer that you select one of these time periods which falls out on Sunday, November 20th, so that all of those who join us for this special day, will be doing the crystal skull mediation we have setup on the same day. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to read ahead of time, how we created the meditation and what words will be spoken, feel free to click on the tab above labelled: “The Meditation”. There are some new terms we use to describe various special crystalline energies, gates and grids, which are explained in the mediation. Also in the meditation section (tab) is a transcription of a Native Prayer done in the Lushootseed Langauge by Natsha Gobin (you can download this file).


Special Optional Suggestion to Enhance Your Meditation: – this message comes from Paiute Elder – Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack, which he received through his ancient crystal skull known as “Goldie”, which was gifted to him when he went to Peru. “Goldie” has suggested if this is possible, and you have enough quartz crystals (preferred) or in combination with various other gemstones to place 24 stones around you and your crystal skulls (an outer circle) while you are performing the meditation for Crystal Skull World Day. This is only a suggestion but if you feel an infinity to do so, it might make your meditation more powerful ….


Now, we have created an audio file in an mp3 format (a universal accepted audio format) which goes for (approximately) 30 (35) minutes for you to listen to which will guide you through the meditation. It is broken into various sections.

Section I – is a welcome to CSWD2016 and has some brief instructions how to prepare for the meditation. The idea is that during the meditation you will be sitting comfortably while you are listing to the audio recording we have prepared for you in your language. Also you should be holding in your lap either a personal crystal skull, a special piece of quartz crystal or a personal gemstone.

Section II – Here we are including first a short drumming segment done by a friend in England and then a short prayer by a special indigenous friend who supports our world peace day with the skulls done in her native language to help us be prepared for the guided mediation we will be doing that follows.

Section III– – is the actual meditation itself which will we believe will be about 30 (35) minutes in length. This audio guided meditation will help all of the participants to focus on the same mediation, and work with special energies linked with the crystal skulls, the crystal skull etheric energy grid, Crystalline Fluid Light Frequencies and Star Gates, to share a loving and positive energy to our world. While you are doing this mediation you will sitting in a comfortable position while holding the crystal skull, piece of quartz crystal or special gemstone you have selected to work with during the meditation.

Section IV – You will return to your physical body from the guided meditation and the Crystal Skull Hearts Council will share their concluding remarks and gratitude. An announcement for the next Crystal Skull World Day for 2017 will be indicated.

Section V — the mediation audio will conclude then with a second drumming segment, the same as you heard in our introduction that will help us to ground and return from this wonderful meditation. We thank you all for joining us and participating on this special day.

How to Get a Copy of the Digital Audio File?

You will have various options to obtain a copy of the audio file for the mediation. First of all, below, when the various audio files for each language is ready, you can just click on the appropriate file and it will play for you through the internet, so you do not need to download it. (Note – the English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese & Spanish versions of the mediation for CSWD2016 are now available to be listened to.) However, if you prefer to have your own copy, then also showing below, when the language version of the audio mediation file you wish is ready, just click on the download button next to your language below. Please note that format of the audio file is in an .mp3 format

Option 1: Play the MP3 directly from this page

(When the version of the audio mediation is ready for your language, there will be a link to this file, just click on the link shown below to play the mediation now, if no link is showing, that language version is not available yet – Note most of the language versions for CSWD2016 are ready:)

English:   [ click here to play

Dutch:   [ click here to play ]

French:   [ click here to play ]

German:   [ click here to play

Spanish:   [ click here to play ]

Portuguese: [ click here to play ]

Chinese: [ click here to play ]

Hungarian: [ click here to play ]

(Just the Indigenous Prayer in English):
[ click here to play(this link right now has both prayers offered in 2015, it will be updated soon)

Option 2: Download the Audio File to your computer or device directly:

(Next to each language below is a download text link. To obtain the language version of the audio meditation file in an .mp3 format, just click on the appropriate “download”  text link. The English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese & Spanish versions of the meditation for CSWD2016 are now ready to be downloaded. Note: We are storing these files on Google Drive, so after you click the download text link you are taken to another webpage to get this audio meditation file.  There is a symbol at the top of the page, in the middle, that is looks like an arrow with a line underneath (as shown below) – click on this to download the appropriate audio file to your computer:GoogleDrive-downloadicon
Google may tell you, it can’t do a virus scan on this file, as it is too large, we have verified it does not have a virus, so please say “OK – to download the file anyway”. We do not suggest you play the audio file on Google Drive, as it does not play that well but use Option 1 above instead. If there is no download button next to the language, that audio meditation file is not ready yet.)

English:  [ download the audio file

Dutch:   [ download the audio file ]

French:  [ download the audio file ]

German:  [ download the audio file

Spanish:  [ download the audio file ]

Portuguese: [ download the audio file ]

Chinese: [ download the audio file ]

Hungarian: [ download the audio file ]

(Just the Indigenous Prayer in English):
[ download the audio file ] (this link right now has both prayers offered in 2015, it will be updated soon)

Suggestion on How to Listen to the Meditation Audio File if you Download it?

There are several ways you can listen tot he mediation audio. Below is a few suggestions how to do this:

1) You can copy the audio file to a DVD or CD and play it through your personal computer or many of the DVD and gaming consoles will allow you to play the music as well and be heard through TV.

2) You can copy the audio file to a memory stick and either play it through another person’s computer, DVD or gaming device.

3) You can download the mp3 file and listen it via your mp3 player, a mobile/cell phone or tablet.

4) If you have a large group of people to play the mediation audio to, mostly like a good computer with extra speakers will work or the same if you use a smaller device like an mp3 player or such, to make sure the external speakers are loud enough.

If you have any questions about how to listen to or obtain your copy of the mediation audio, feel free to email us at:


Table of Times to Do the Meditation

As stated earlier, we have setup on the Tab above marked “Meditation Times” a link to a very detail spreadsheet which lost almost all location in our world and exactly what time you should perform the meditation for the 4 time periods that have been setup to do so for CSWD2016. Or, you can get a copy of this Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet by going to our file download page for which the link to this page is shown right below. The file is called on this page, “Crystal Skull World Day 2016 Time Zones (Excel sheet format)”:

(if you click on the “download” button, a window pops up to ask you to save this file to your computer)

Below is a re-print of the four key time periods linked with different parts of our world to help you have an idea when might be the optimal time for you to do the meditation on Sunday, November 20th, 2016. These time periods are shown by the earliest one to to take place verse the lastest one:


Linkup Time #1: 11 PM NYC (EST, Saturday, Nov. 19th); 4 AM London, UK (GMT); 3 PM Sydney, Australia

Linkup Time #2: 8 AM NYC (EST); 1 PM London, UK (GMT); Midnight (12 AM) Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)

Linkup Time #3: 1 PM NYC (EST); 6 PM London, UK (GMT); 5 AM Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)

Linkup Time #4: 6 PM NYC (EST); 11 PM London, UK (GMT); 10 AM Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)

How to Participate in CSWD if you
do not have a Crystal Skull?

If you do not have a personal crystal skull and are not attending a public gathering where there may be some extra crystal skulls, we recommend to work with a special quartz crystal which has a special inner connection with you. To charge this piece of quartz with the energy of the crystal skulls, either go to the photo gallery on our website (http://crystalskullworldday.com/?page_id=604) and select an image of a crystal skull that resonates for you (or instead you can search on the internet to find a special image of a crystal skull), print this image out and let your personal quartz crystal sit on top of this photo for 24-48 hours before the meditation you will participate on for CSWD. Again, you will be holding this piece of quartz while sitting and listening to the audio file.

Very Special Request We Make

We believe CSWD2016 is a very special day and we would like to celebrate it with everyone. Therefore, may we request that before or after you do your meditation, whether individually or as a group, that if you are able to take any digital photos or a short video of how you performed the meditation, we would be most grateful. We would like to make some new sections on our webpage (as we did last year) where we can take your images or video and share it with the world. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

— Once again, we thank you for being a part of the co-creation of CSWD2016. We truly believe this day will be important for the future of our world. If you would like to become of our planning team for 2016 (or beyond) and/or have some other suggestions to offer how to make CSWD even more special feel free to contact us.

Thank You, in Peace, Light and Love

The Crystal Skull Hearts Council

Contact Us through:

email: crystalskullheartscouncil37@gmail.com
(note: if you need to speak live we can schedule a chat by skype)

(our group for CSWD)

(our Page for Crystal Skull Hearts Council)

To View the Table of Time Periods when the Meditations
happen in your area click below (excel spreadsheet):

Crystal Skull World Day 2016 – Time Zone Table


Welcome to Crystal Skull World Day 2016

Hello and Good Day.

It is with great excitement and gratitude that we wish to welcome you and the beings who work through our crystal skulls to Crystal Skull World Day 2016.

What a wonderful time are living in!

We have at this time been entrusted to make a profound difference for the future of our beautiful planet. Now is a time when by the power of our intention, together with love, we can help to raise the vibration of our planet and all the sentient beings residing upon her into the 5th dimension.

As the manifestation of this love and peaceful energy speeds up then we are co-creating a new reality, that of a harmonious earth.

You will first hear the sounds of drums to set the tone for today which will be followed by a Native American prayer leading us into our meditation.

So, let us begin!

In love always,
The Crystal Skull Hearts Council ….

Please Note: for those participates who are not familiar with the term Crystalline Light Consciousness or Energy this is an important term we will be using throughout this mediation. Crystalline Light Consciousness is defined as a type of fluid energy which looks very similar to a living clear liquid that emanates outward from a crystal skull or piece of quartz crystal. An example of this would be to imagine yourself submerged completely in water – but the water is alive with a living consciousness. Also Crystalline Light has the same properties as quartz crystals.

Similarly, if you are unable to inwardly see the scenes and activities described during the meditation remember that your intention is just as important as the visualization of it.

[ Drumming Segement follow by an Indigenous Prayer Heard Here ]

(Get the transcription of the Prayer below)
Lushootseed Prayer by Natasha Gobin  Download

The Crystal Skull World Day Peace Mediation
(the words spoken)

Now it is time to begin our meditation. Again find yourself in a comfortable sitting position holding your crystal skull or mineral of choice. What are the Crystal Skulls and why are we working together with them on this Special Day?

The crystal skulls that we will be linking with today for our mediation are a special part of our Whole Existence. They are of “Mother Earth’s” Unity Consciousness. These special crystalline beings ARE “peace on earth”. Their crystal material comes from our physical earth and they are a piece of the cosmic unity consciousness. The crystal skulls come together as a whole and form an energetic and etheric crystalline grid (or the crystal skull etheric grid) which is basically comprised energetically that is, the same as is our “Mother Earth”.

Now, during this meditation we may share again, a few other ideas or concepts which are new for you. However, even if you don’t understand completely these terms, please do not be concerned as the words will trigger and activate special light energies within you during the meditation … thank you … now …

Please close your eyes now and begin to visualize with me the following or, hold the intent of the energetic nature of the meditation: First, feel the stillness from the core of your being. Allow your body to be fully relaxed. See yourself completely surrounded by the crystalline light that is emanating from the crystal skull, crystal stone or gemstone that you are holding right now. Let us pause for a moment and feel this powerful energy within and around us. (Pause for 30 seconds).

The intention of this meditation for Crystal Skull World Day is to bring a loving energy of peace for our world and, to focus together upon what we call “Unity Consciousness” – the full manifestation of the consciousness of Creator (or God) which links us all together. Of course, this consciousness exists at the core or the center of our being, try to feel this part of you now!

Therefore, when the crystal skulls are working together with this Crystalline Light Consciousness, they assist in building an energetic structure of Unity for World Peace, we call this energy a ~ “Unification of Service” ~. This Crystalline Light Consciousness overflows from the love of God (the Creator) linking us into our highest capacity rooted within the Universe which is comprised of “Infinite Light”, “Love” and “Power” which is just listed here in their Divine Right Order and Harmony. Therefore, let us call forth to Creator, who’s Essence is inside each of us, to open all channels of this “Divine Light” clearing all the inner light fibers so we become connected and resonate with the “Living Light Code” — or in other words our inner DNA Codes.

Now, while you are holding your crystal skull, crystal stone or gemstone, please visualize yourself completely incased within this “Crystalline Light”. Next, let’s open our hearts to receive a blessing from Creator’s Light. As you see this special light around you, begin to see the appearance of four crystalline pillars (or columns of light) surrounding you in the four corners or directions of the space where you are located ~ North-East-South-West. These crystalline pillars will help us anchor the living organic energies that are broadcasted by the crystal skull etheric grid that enables us to energetically interconnect with each person participating in this meditation with “Mother Earth’s” being and “Creator”. Focus on these pillars for a short while now and feel their energy. (pause 1 minute)

Now, Let us once again feel this “Crystalline Light Frequency” that we have evoked as the energy that is surrounding us. Feel it coursing throughout your body – feel it moving within the crystal skull (or piece of crystal stone or gemstone) you are holding. Let’s give a few moments now for this energy to fully integrate into your own personal energy field. (pause for 1-1/2 minutes)

Now, feel that your entire body has been completely energized by this “Crystalline Light” as we now begin to link-in more into the consciousness of all the living beings who reside upon our world including the living spirit of our “Mother Earth”. Let us spend a few moments to enjoy this sensation of the crystalline light as it begins to move throughout our entire body. (pause 1 minute)

Imagine or feel the energetic intent of this crystalline light as a beautiful dance as it moves in and out of your body, as you feel yourself being sustained and nurtured by this liquid light.

Ok, now let’s take another deep breath, in …. and let it out … that’s right in and out again … as you are allowing the frequencies of this “Unity Crystalline Light” to completely energize your being, as we are now preparing for the next part of this meditation. As you breathe in this “Crystalline Light”, sense how your being is becoming more open to the consciousness and energy from the Universe – the celestial fields of energy and light of all colors. So enjoy this short breathing experience during this phase of the meditation. (pause 1 minute)

Next, let us link to the crystal skull etheric energy grid that is assisting many repairs to the electro-magnetic grid of our “Mother Earth”, which is helping to eliminate the inorganic frequencies that exist in our world. Also, this grid assists all the crystal skulls and crystal stones to stay interconnected. The crystal skull etheric energy grid also works with what is called the “Twelve Star Crystal Universal Stargates”.

These portals are physical inter-dimensional gates linked with numerous ascending universes. These gates exist at 12 specific locations or acupuncture points on the Mother Earth’s grid which are open and closed by sacred frequencies which are called the 12 Star Crystal Seals. For a long time, these Star Gates have been closed but within the past several years, due to dedicated energy work by various lightworkers all over the world and higher evolved light beings from other planets and in other universes, these gates are progressively opening as we enter an evolutionary ascension cycle.

Once an individual activates the true essence of their inner light body they have the capability to activate, enter and travel through these gates by calling forth a Merkabah, which are the divine light vehicles that travel throughout the cosmos. By utilizing the Merkabah, they help us to bring back through the­­­­­­­­­ Crystal Star Gates, the higher frequencies from other realms which can thus be released to our physical dimension which then creates a more balanced energy on our earth. So let us spend a minute or so and experience ourselves traveling through the Star Gates through our personal Merkabah and bring back more loving energies for our world. (pause for 1-1/2 minutes)

Returning now … so in addition, the crystal skull etheric energy grid not only represents the collective crystal skull consciousness on this planet but it also works with the Crystal Star Gates to assist in opening of these portals by activating their respective, what is called the Star Crystal Seal.

Let us ~ now ~ link directly into the crystal skull etheric energy grid to help bring forth the “Eternal Infinite Light of the Universe” which represents unity and oneness as well as an inner activation of humanity’s divinity while simultaneously anchoring more firmly into the four crystalline pillars of light into our world and our physical bodies. (pause for 30 seconds)

Next, let’s add to the energy of this meditation by calling forth the spirit of “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky”. And finally, to add to the collective and peaceful energy we are co-creating on this day, let us share the love energy from our heart chakra as well. Understand dear ones, that our crystal mission for this day is for all of us, those who are participating in this meditation, that we all work together at the highest level of unity that we can, feeling “One” with each other.

As we each link into the “Eternal Infinite Light”, this enables us to forth these universal energies to be more permanently anchored into our Earth today, within this physical density with the loving assistance of the crystal skull, crystal stone or gemstone that you are holding which is help us to amplify these special energies.

Now let’s visualize the crystal skull, crystal stone or gemstone which you are holding, begin to spin in counter-clockwise motion. Feel this swirling energy vortex bringing a blessing for all of humanity to be sanctified in the peace of God. Let us pour the divine light we are experiencing in this moment into each person’s heart to help further bring “peace to earth”. Let us extend the pure love we feel in our hearts from Mother-Father-God to all the participants of this crystal skull world peace meditation this day, including their families. May we place our prayers of Peace, that Peace will reign on this beautiful planet henceforth. Further, may we request that this planet be protected by God’s organic living light. (pause 30 seconds)

Now let us explore a new direction. Let us once again connect to the Crystalline Light Frequency but this time we move into the future and connect with the future state and vibration of this crystal liquid light and the future state of our world. When we connect with this liquid light at this future time then we experience the pristine quality of the frequency PEACE – a way of life that is absolutely destined for our future.

Now how we were able to travel into this future time is through the crystal skull etheric energy grid which is activating the internal future codes in our own etheric bodies and the “Capstone” opening which is found at the crown chakra in each of us and in the “Mother Earth”. The capstone energy creates a door that allows us, our etheric body, to move into the future, which is really a parallel reality of “Gaia”, “Mother Earth’s” spiritual name, that exists in the 7th dimension that links to our crown chakra.

Now, see yourself stepping into this future “Gaia”, which is the future of our earth in another time and space. Now, observe in your inner vision that you have brought your crystal skull, crystal stone or gemstone with you to this place. WE now see and find ourself in a time and space where the perfection of humanity already exists, where all the people live in a harmonious environment of sharing and cooperation without any discord whatsoever. A true time for world peace where there is an inner balance between the masculine and feminine.

Let us now focus together and see this same peaceful reality from our future coming into our world of today, right now, as we link into these energies with the assistance of the crystal skull consciousness. See your etheric self in a perfect crystal city in the future which we are creating in this moment from the liquid light and while you are in this city, your etheric body will receive all of these future peaceful and loving frequencies. Know that this is the destiny and the future of our Earth, that we shall see World Peace for all of human-kind through such a process of evolution while descending through these arcs of time…. Let us Bring World Peace to this Planet Now… Know in your hearts of hearts that now is the time to bring the future of World Peace back to our planet and to return to our hearts of hearts to the true light of World Peace.

Through the connection we have with the crystal skull etheric energy grid and its unique crystalline light frequencies, these energies will guide us to create the perfect future that we just saw before us and allow us all to return to the crystalline pure state of “peace on earth!” As each of us become this “peace on earth” inwardly then, “peace on earth” will manifest more quickly in our world. Let us sit with this vision for a moment to embrace this magnificent future and experience it within our inner core. (pause 2 minutes)

It is time to begin to return to our physical bodies with the clear intent of bringing the vibrational essence of PEACE back from the future that we just visited, to this time and this space ~ a future where humanity exists in total and complete “World Peace”.

So, begin to feel your physical body … now feel your feet on the ground … and feel totally refreshed and calm. Then when you are ready, open your eyes feeling wide awake and filled with an amazing amount of energy. Knowing that on this special day we worked with our brothers and sisters throughout the world in our crystal skull community to share a loving and uplifting energy for our world.

Final Thoughts on the Meditation

Welcome back. As we slowly come out of our meditation, please anchor in the energies of love and light we activated this day into Mother Earth, that she may have full access to them to assist her transformation.  For it is she who holds the energies of our world stable, as together we raise our vibration.

Feel how your energy and consciousness has expanded this day and know that together we have made a difference.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to all of you for what we have created today. Enjoy the beautiful connection with your fellow light workers from around the world and the other sentient beings who have joined us from this planet and far off galaxies.

We look forward to continuing this work with you through the meditations done on the 13th of each month and that we will see you again next year for Crystal Skull World Day.

As we close this meditation, let us flow into the sound of a second segment of drumming to assist in grounding us, please leave this mediation with the peaceful energy that we all have created.

Many Blessings,

The Crystal Skull Hearts Council


Now we end this mediation with a second segment of drumming, enjoy …

[ Indigenous Drumming Heard Here ]